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Lynog and Genz

edited July 2012 in General
You both suck at SK. Deal with it. Bet your shitty kingdoms aren't above 250 land.


  • Are you trying to taunt them into revealing their KDs because you cant find them yourself??
    Either way i dont think they would be stupid enough to tell lol
  • its his last gasp at being a nuisance as his multi sector is destroyed.
  • edited July 2012
    They can not confirm or even choose their kingdoms until they've bot raped any competition. To me the real comedy is watching them fix every aspect of the game. From stacking every single sector to putting all of their buddies in as alliance leaders. Most of the time the AL never even tells you who it is. It's just a shared account anyways. So they bot rape everyone have their way, and they still get KTed in the end. There aren't even any real players left it's their own friends that do it. All based on a couple of people saying his name in every post in the PFs. These idiots are so programmed that you just say something 50 times and they can't stop themselves.

    bored of that other pf account?
  • Yo dank you still walking down the hood getting called OG? you a crazy man you wont back down to nobody.

    you are cray yo raw cray
  • edited July 2012
    Queef I could just call you a farmer everyday for a month and you'd get KTed for it. No doubt about it.

    Lynog, feel free to swing by I'll happily meet up with you. Already met up with your buddy.
  • is this another "ima go to your house and fuck you up" thread now? Cuz if so let me get some popcorn and watch the flaming begin
  • Dank your views are so clouded by jealousy its not even funny. Mad that your a bad player so u focus all your attention on players who do good round after round while you continue to get shit on by players with 1/10th the experience you claim to have.

    You say you been playing for what 10 years or something, and yet you still cannot manage a half way decent KD?

    And why are u complaining about multies. Incase you forget, YOU yourself have used multi armies in the past to do your bidding. So how can YOU of all people even begin to tell people about multi's when your a known multi user.
  • edited July 2012
    I dont care bout my kingdom. If I play with multis I rape some of you. I dont nw whore with them or screw with alliance votes. I get bored watching the completely one sided noob stomp. I know when you gangbang the first alliance all competitions out of the way. Then Lynog gets buttfuxed cuz everyone used him and cant stand him. Then he hits shit with the bot crap till its gone. Then the second half the other scousers ride to victory.
  • Queef I could just call you a farmer everyday for a month and you'd get KTed for it. No doubt about it.

    I am afraid you are going to have to explain that one mate

  • If you could actually last that long.
  • put down the crack pipe. you have kids ffs
  • Seems to be a lot of hate coming from you guys about everything pertaining to me. You're constantly searching for something and coming up empty. I just piss in your pot whenever I please and you can't stand it.
  • I dont care bout my kingdom.
    Translation: I can't build one worth caring about, so I don't care about my kingdom.
  • Seriously dank I have no idea what you are talking about.

    You dont and never have had any shit on me. So keep me out of your meth fuelled rants.

    Love Qwj
  • edited July 2012
    It would be pretty silly to build an account on this game and try for score. It's idiotic. Don't try to force me into your paradigm.
  • Damn everyone just stfu!

    Everyone knows I run all the multis and I'm the crappiest KD builder in the history of SK. Problem solved, blame Pie.
  • everybit of your logic is flawed dank, we finish less rounds than anyone on sk, me and jones have never finished a single round, meth is messing with your brain OG
  • edited July 2012
    Cuz as soon as all the competition is out of the way, you unveil yourself, and your buddies turn on you. They use you to stack all of the alliances and belt everyone down, but then they have to figure out a way to get rid of you. That's where I come in. I give them a reason I just make one up. You are a farmer this round and will be KTed, got it? Same as last round no proof necessary.
  • Crap! Forgot I'm a farmer too.. it really is all my fault!
  • hmmm all the competition out the way eh? who died before i came out last round please? or any round for that matter.

    please tell me my competition id like to know
  • edited July 2012
    You probably think I'm the only one of those people on the game don't you? Considering how small this game is and that I don't have anyone from my town playing at the moment. Yet, I know others... Arson knows them too maybe you should go talk to him before you continue.
  • No i asked you a question so can you please give me a straight answer.

    who dies before me and who is my competition?
  • edited July 2012
    Hell I figure skydragon must be the only competition on the game this round. Plenty of people got wrecked last round but nobody seems to remember that.
  • You know how I know dank doesn't even read his own post?

    If he did he would think he is an idiot and hate himself like everyone does.
  • Hell I figure skydragon must be the only competition on the game this round. Plenty of people got wrecked last round but nobody seems to remember that.
    well if you seem to remember tell me who died before me last round and who my competition was?

  • I am the multi king.
  • Too late! I claimed it already
  • Too late! I claimed it already
    I was here first.
  • I'm hated more!
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