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League of Legends



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  • dfinq48hagh0q342=90 q234805yu=q8v 348=5yu2=9-36 39607767 %^)(%^)(y+_ =WH9=V A=0SDH89G=0AV H =90AHWE=0TGHHIP, your mom!
  • I guess I have some time to play a few games atm, probably wont see any of you on though ahaha
  • whats your ID? lets do an aram
  • you're not there...WHERE ARE YOU!!!
  • found you! :)
  • found you! :)
    guess ill have to find a new rock
  • im gonna have to start re-rolling on that ARAM....
  • I want the new Risen skin for my fiddlesticks. up until now my favorite has been Surprise Party Fiddle
  • Cmon, where is all the fanboys/girls for the Sailor Moon Lux skin! Thought I would pop in and say hey and say I been doing some aram's lately in league (just getting back into after a stint in DFO) add me!


    And usually play after work, so anywhere from like 5pm pst-10pm pst or so, don't be afraid to hit me up!
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