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To the pricks with me on a "farming List"

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KT me already pussies?


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    I've not been better than top 50 Since BENT took the land i got from the first suicider He brought me from #1 land to around 50th place. my kingdom has gone completely half assed and even one of my group mates passed me ;) This first suicider i got hits 1,2,5 if i recall correctly with over a minute in between hits, every time ive ever hit a suicider, i wait in between my hits to be fair and let others get a piece, ive never hit a suicider 4 times nor have i ever gotten hits 1,2,3, i try REALLY hard not to get the 2nd one every time but people are fucking slow and my time is valuable.

    TLDR: Remove me from your faggy little list or get the KT started.

    @[America] come at me bro
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    thought you are America too bro ?
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    I am American living in a [Batteredfish] smelling alliance
  • All I hear is a bunch of whining.
  • you mean thats what you assume cause you didnt read it, now gtfo lol
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    you mean thats what you assume cause you didnt read it, now gtfo lol
    No, sadly enough, I took the time to read it. I knew he was going to disband, bla bla bla, I only hit him a little bit, bla bla bla.

    Fact is, you farmed. Get over it dude.

    And you don't get to choose when you are KT'd, that's the great thing about a KT. However, If you are so anxious to die, just go to your prefs and put that POS in deletion.
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    i only hit who a little bit? lol wtf are you talking about clearly you didnt read it

    just gtfo lol you are useless
  • Man this is pathetic.

    Stop looking for any e-dick you can to suck so you don't die. Man up.
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    do you guys have downs? really? I CLEARLY said take me off the fucking list or KT me and i reiterate, i put half assed effort into this kingdom ever since bent put the smack down on me. lol

    you really think i give two shits? do you realize the bot army? i mean come on now, i'm surprised i am even still wasting time here, but i'd rather get the lame KT over with so i dont waste any more time, or i want to get on with the fucking game if you pussies arent going to kill me either way do something and stop being retarded pussies. cause the bot owns you all anyway. whatever you do to me he can do 10 fold to everyone in the game in minutes. stfu and do something bout it dont be pussies
  • I'd rather see you spend time building it if that's what's going to bother you.
  • And I'm not sure what the post above even has to do with why you are listed. It's farming this guy that did it.

    April 17, 12:09:31 Our kingdom valhalla (2:15) bravely defended against TerriblySunBurnt (1:11) and lost 85 planets.
    April 17, 12:10:03 Our kingdom valhalla (2:15) bravely defended against TerriblySunBurnt (1:11) and lost 73 planets.
    April 17, 12:11:12 Our kingdom valhalla (2:15) bravely defended against TerriblySunBurnt (1:11) and lost 46 planets.
  • 1st 2nd and 4th hit? then losing all of it nearly immediately? are you fucking brain dead? HAHAHAHA
  • edited April 2015
    There are kingdoms in america that have gotten 1st 2nd and 3rd hit and havent been "listed" eat shit hypocrites lol

    i wont call anyone out but they can chime in if they care to..
  • and ask bent no sooner that i got that suiciders land, did he take it all right back from me and then some. i havent broke top 50 since because quite frankly i dont give a shit but the idiots that made this list and the idiots that support this list are jealous hypocrites ;)
  • Throw the name out there. We've already killed one of our own for farming.
  • jealous hypocrites ;)
    If you can find an instance of me farming, then you can call me a hypocrite. I will also delete for you, and I will apologize to you for calling you out on your actions of cheating.
  • edited April 2015
    cheating? because BCart wrote rules about this? go fuck yourself? lol

    getting free land from a suicider is not cheating you dumb shit
  • you wouldn't be on a farming list if you weren't farming
  • then kt me? pussies? lol all i hear is jealous talk,
  • this thread is seriously the gayest thing in the history of dudes fucking eachother
  • if i ask really really nicely, will you please start the KT on me?

    please excuse me i must correct myself, will you please pretty please start your self legitimized farming of my kingdom?

    fucking hypocrites lol

  • edited April 2015
    Terrible, you are gonna take it from behind so bend over.
  • edited April 2015
    really?? when? please give me the dick.
  • edited April 2015
    Our brave kingdom TerriblySunBurnt (1:11) attacked The empire (1:11) and conquered 20 planets.


    farm me bitches :D

    i like it anal
  • if i ask really really nicely, will you please start the KT on me?
    Send me a SoK and I'll start
  • Cheaters never prosper.
  • BCarts game rules state no where that attacking a disbander or suicider is cheating. this is bullshit made up rules, made up by jealous less active people who always miss the free land, so they can legitimize killing someone and "farm" them so again stfu hypocrites and do what you will, i'm rather excited :)
  • do you even lift?
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