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edited August 2014 in General
for those who had enought of cookie clicker


  • god damnit why did i click
  • Who knew there was such a market for catnip
  • i started playing this a bit and then reverted back to cookie clicker lol
  • Year 88 - Spring, day 95

  • edited August 2014
    those huts cost kittons of wood...really

    Year 438 - Winter, day 3

    i cant stop lol
  • Cookies > Kittens
  • i did noticed clicker is a lot fancier since i last played...

    whats the deal with dungeon though, i couldnt find it
  • Oh god...

    What's this cookies game you all mention?
  • It never saved my cookie clickage, thats awfully gay. It was up in the quadrillions.
    Smith get @ me, I need someone to abuse.
  • Zeal, it was horrible last night, he got about twice the golden cookies that I did and destroyed me. :: Goes to cry in a corner.::
  • Failure.
  • yeah 3 golden cookies that were awesome in 1 hour lol total destruction
  • Cookie game: Became boring after I left it on all night. I can see it being fun to see how many you can get in a certain (short) time frame.

    Kitten Game: Game doesn't have enough instructions when you first start playing. Had no idea what my "Fur" was for or my Minerals. I looked away for 5 minutes and all my kittens died. Gave up after that.
  • I looked away for 5 minutes and all my kittens died. Gave up after that.


    1. Mouseover buildings for information.
    2. Kittens replenish over time
    3. For how many seconds did you play the game to not figure out how catnip consumption works and how its affected by number of kittens?
  • I played for a good 2-3 hours. I knew what the buildings did but for where I got to, nothing came up that needed minerals or furs. I sent a few kittens out to the forest and they came back with furs, but they just diminished until 0.

    Maybe I'll try agian today.
  • edited August 2014
    fur increases happyness. it also has other uses...and it diminishes because kittens use them...gotta keep hunting from time to time if you want the extra happy life
  • This game would be better with kitten cannibalism
  • edited August 2014
    Back up and running.

    Year 20. 16 kitten, all my researches done up till Philosophy/Machinery/Steel

    Edit: I JUST GOT A UNICORN! What do I do!?
  • they have a pasture of their own, unicorns dont mix well with kittens...or do they?
  • We have a problem.. my unicorn breeding is out of control.

    Unicorn: 147
  • ...I am afraid to see what this is all about.
  • Ok so this game is fucking addicting.

    I've had it open the last 2 days at work.

    I read a bit more into the wiki that is on the games page and it's very detailed (more so than SK).

    You can "reset" the game (after you have a certain # of kittens you get Karma/Paragon points for resetting) which in turn give you a boost for when you start a new game.

    I really like it.
  • i reset after 73 kittens :P
  • Sped I guarantee it is nothing compared to Cookie Clicker.

    Got my evil grandmas baking up a fuckin storm.
  • yo cookies has these evil worms that stop your production slightly, soo annoying

    also ZEAL pasta is a 1$ here *waits to see boner poppage*
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