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Clicker Heroes

edited July 2017 in General
Started this up the other day, got it idling while at work and checking it every once in a while.

Someone start up, haven't even done first ascension yet. Level 84.


  • I'm up to 81 ancient souls, max level 5230
  • Hoping to ascend today. Would like to get my first AC to speed things up. Looks like that'll take 4 ascensions.
  • Your first AC?
  • Auto clicker, 25/100 ruby's atm.
  • Ahhh yes you must play on pc?

    I'm only on my phone and it's called Auto Tapper
  • Ah ok. Yes PC. Easier for me that way. I'll have to check if they transfer from PC to device.
  • edited July 2017
    Downloading now on my Nexus 6p. I tend to get addicted to these, then get bored after a week or so...

    P.s. I still play Tap Titans. And He man tappers of grayskull.
  • I'd offer an explanation on how to play but we know how that'll turn out.
  • I'd offer an explanation on how to play but we know how that'll turn out.
    so it's not a generic clicker, similar to the many others...
  • does this have offline earning?
  • 30 mins already level 20... will play more tonight....
  • First ascension done last night, took me longer than I remembered.
  • Up to 64.
  • 87, slow progress...
    But I don't pay to win these games...
  • Get to 100, try for 105. 110 might be a bitch.

    Then you can get the Lvl 150 trait on Amenhotep which resets your game, but you get bonuses which let you progress further into the game.

    I'm on my 2nd reset level 79.
  • Thought the souls on 105 was the restart.
  • 106 now.

    My tactic... get the Heroes to 100 then only upgrade when I can do in 100s. I got up to Super Taps. Done Dark Ritual twice.
  • on 7621 Hero Levels, DPS 2.337e19.
  • Your tactic is bad.
  • works for the many other clicker games....
  • 111
  • ascended lol...
  • 64... Enjoying the 4 souls, and the 2 ancients... (+25% dps and Gold)
  • Just copied the code from my mobile to the facebook version and got told cannot use the mobile version on that version :(
  • Facebook version?

    Just go to
  • edited July 2017 loaded the fb version lol
  • Apparently the mobile and desktop versions are not the same games...
  • Ascension #2, +50% DPS and Gold, got 6 souls.
  • Desktop version is infinitely better.
  • Got a free ancient upgrade, +75% gold. 6 souls. Level 79.. I aascend on level 105-110... But read guides says best at 130-150 ish.. so I might start til then from ascension 3. (On 2 now).
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