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  • Mobile went down on me last night. Thought I'd lost all progress...

    Decided since I'm back on a old backup mobile to install and restart, but the Google play has a backup of my progress, so oaded it. So ready to ascend to go from 44 sounds to 70+.
  • Next ascension 13495... mobile sucks or you suck
  • Time played 23 days... You on a couple months?
  • Average how many hours... Per day?

    I'm on 2-3.
  • Just worked out how to upgrade my relics... Taking my idle DPS from 200 to 880% and gold to 470%

    Really sped up progress.
  • I check it 2-3x per day... I don't "play". I leave it on all day at home.
  • What are the differences between mobile and pc?
  • Cost of items purchased with Rubies. Also Sped the game has offline earnings so don't have t leave it on
  • Ascend again, 95 souls, gained 13 more since, I ascend 30 Mon ago... I'm ascend at 15-20 more souls...
  • Finally transcended and it all gone slow...

    What level do ancients return?
  • They don't.
  • errr, they had better as it said they do!
  • ok, i got hero soul and they came, but i have to repurchase them??
  • You lose everything.

    32k HS's, can ascend for another 52k.
  • I did a guild raid for 2 hs, gave me idle back. Now I'm leveling my idle hero and the gold one.

    Just need relics to enhance them further... Got 1 that adds levels to gold hero.
  • Btw, o ascended for 90+ HS and ready to ascend again for 100 more.

    I know, long way to go to catch where u are now...
  • 2200 HS, with +900 lol. Ready for ascension.
  • Effing mobile version did a dump... Corrupted my save have to start over. Lost everything. Apparently it's a known bug, others in play store moaning about it.
  • I got my save back btw. And I'm doing well on this.

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