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What do you think of them?! THE LIST!



  • merle of amber (merle) - explore whore
    Quoted for truth

  • De Vinci (Dante) - Don't know him. I think he was all UA'd up with other peeps when I still played.

    ArAcHnId - Never heard of him.

    Arson - Ars is good for a laugh, good for a kush recommendation and good for anime recommendations too.

    Azalieo - Affinity dude back in the OOOOOOOOLD school days.

    Barricade - Don't know you.

    ChefGreg - Don't know you under this name, maybe GS after I left?

    CoryNewb - Heard of, never played with.

    Damdred - Don't know him.

    Darubian - Used to be a hyper aggressive builder that would get rolled out early for anti-turtling too much too soon.

    David (added) - Sorry.

    Flazer - If he still plays, you wanna play with him. He makes every round worth playing with his hilarious antics.

    gl0stix - Dunno.
    Ice - Ars' brother. I've never met him though.

    KenshinHimura - After my time.

    KMercer - Seen the name, never really interacted with.

    LadyAshnod - Sorry!

    Lovsan - Eh, he's a pre cool guy. Fights with cheaters and doesn't afraid of anything.

    Mages - I remember him ALing a couple "fun" alliances back in the day. We interacted a bit on AIM and the like.

    MarianKnight - Dunno.

    merle of amber (merle) - Merle's a cool cat, a good officer and great dude to have your back.

    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - Old school, never played with though.

    Mustafar - Uhhhh.

    P_to_the_uppy - Is this Guardia's new name or something?

    PeeEyeEee - On a scale of 1-10, you're an 8! (Urinate, huehue.)

    Rohan Castle - Seen the name, know of him, never played with him.

    RZQ - Idk

    Shining - Idk

    SkyDragonX -Idk

    TMonsta - Spammalamadingdong.

    Tyrsis - Tries hard. Tried very hard. Heart's in the right place, generally.

    xDarkmossx - Dunno. Seems kinda mossy.

    Zeality - xGSEx bitches.

    nighthawk - Dunno!

    jesterawx - GOOOOOOON SQUAD!

    rockz - Interacted with a little bit during my ALing days. I don't remember much about him, but he seemed cool.

    walls - Is unintentionally hilarious!

  • A wild LoXie appears!
  • Blast from the past up in this motha
  • Oooohh GSE... The lolz.
  • Oooohh GSE... The lolz.
    INDEED, SIR! In retrospect, I think it ended up being less about bigossimsupahpowahUA and more about a bunch of hilarious fucks telling each other funny shit and doing retarded antics. In other words, THE ONLY REASON TO HAVE ONE! :D

  • edited November 2014
    Removed those I am not familiar with, or have forgotten about during my 4-5 year hiatus from this madhouse:

    Arson - Cheeky lil' c*nt, but all in all a decent guy

    Azalieo - Haven't had too much interaction with him, but I've seen him around

    Darubian - I forgot how I know you

    Flazer - Flazer the Razor, and about as cuddly as one.

    KenshinHimura - Nice to see you again too mate :D

    LadyAshnod - Hi!

    Lovsan - I don't remember why, but my inner instinct tells me I'm supposed to dislike you.

    Mages - Bob Dole! <3 One of the more entertaining people on here. I like him.

    merle of amber (merle) - Meeeerrllleeee long time no see~

    Mustafar - AKA Lothlorien / Priitath / Triistanth / Trelkus. Also known as "Taelon", during the time I wanted to remain super-duper hidden from the SK world, but still felt like playing. Enabled me to rally some cool people to a cause, and ran the last known successful PK alliance in a world of dying activity. (Alliance name: WeeBits) (p.s. Alexis was fake, if you still haven't put that together yet...)

    Rohan Castle - I remember you, but I can't remember how or why.

    SkyDragonX - Was in the same sector as me during my first haphazard jaunt back into the world of SK like three rounds ago.

    TMonsta - :D Hiiiiii

    Tyrsis - Nigga you never say hi to me anymore. :( We were pals all those ages ago...

    rockz - My cuddle-rock that "cuddles" people in the head when I get grabbed this round. :D Me likey my cuddle-rock.

    walls - A killer rabbit, or something

    Zeality - Seems to think I'm WG or something... All I do is keep the AF's clean, and post threads when the AL is on his mobile device and can't. Lol.

  • I was the smoke an mirrors mate, the smoke... an mirrors >>
  • Ohhhhhh I remember you now. :D

    HI! :D
  • A wild LoXie appears!
    Oh, these are rare! *Throws Ultra Ball*
  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    De Vinci (Dante)
    Dante rings a bell, but cant recall why.

    Not enough interaction.

    Fun, gets the trophy for the worst SL ever.

    Not enough interaction

    Good builder.

    Smart guy, have played with him atleast once. Top 10 player.

    Dat CMSZ guy who likes his DW. Cracks some good jokes from time to time.

    Still one of the most helpful people in SK. Allround great guy, thumbs up.

    I know the guy, but not enough interaction.

    David (added)
    Please use PF alias, got nothing on David.(Is this flames?)

    Knows the mechanics of the game all too well. Math is strong with this one.

    From what ive gathered, seems real stand up guy. In other words: not enough interaction

    No interaction, atleast not lately.

    Seems obsessed about achieving top 10.

    Sir'Robs'Me'Alot. Really nice guy when you're on the same side with him. Has integrity.

    Sorry about Fenris getting plowed. It was great seeing people returning from the distant past. You could stick around.

    Builds good kingdoms when he has the time. Seems kinda shady :)

    WW, Once you figure out whats the origin of rzq is please share it with me too :)

    Not enough interaction

    merle of amber (merle)
    Some interaction, nothing bad to say. Thats always great.

    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle)
    Great AL. I was really impressed with GoM(i wasnt in there)

    No interaction

    Probably no interaction

    Plays Mysti a lot. You need some planning if you want to kill this guy.

    Rohan Castle
    Minimal interaction.

    Overall noob, cant do anything right.

    One of the CMSZ fellows.

    Some interaction.

    Mod, rarely plays SK.

    Some interaction.

    No interaction lately, probably a decade ago, but honestly who can remember that far?

    Another CMSZ fellow, likes books or something.


    I like your in-game avatar.

    Probably some interaction.

    Good builder, not too much interaction(correct me if im wrong)

    Yeah, theres that. Refresh my memory if we had interaction in the past.
  • ArAcHnId - Have played with Araville for as long as I know him. Very consistent player, down to earth build a good kingdom, pretty active. He is a good one to make an Alliance Leader.
    Arson - dont know him, maybe have not played with him.
    Azalieo - Limited interaction with him. Knows much about SK history, maybe older player, cant be sure
    Barricade - is he the one with a nice Halloween custome or was it Ghosted?
    Bean - pretty smart guy, he does help explain to me the new additions to the game in the last 10 years in one post. Sort of like a professor in SK, and you can look at his knowledge with full respect.
    ChefGreg - seen on PFs, rational post, no BS. Have not played with him, but probably he can do dam/def by hand and win hands down.
    CoryNewb - limited interaction on PFs, maybe have not played with him.
    Damdred - now, i have to think who he is.
    Darubian - amazing player, easy to get along with, rationale, enthusiastic in the game. I think we need more Darubian in SK.
    Flazer - let me think...i'm not sure if I have played with Flazer. But ...I will edit when I remember.
    gl0stix - Level headed, can hold up to an arguement, agree to disagree and knows to make decision base on two sides of a coin, have leadership qualities, he knows the game inside out, maybe he has been AL in the past, or make a pretty good AL.
    Ice - If you are IceGodSK ...hello!
    KenshinHimura - young player, I think very smart, but sometime can be easily influence, but that is how you learn. He has the WC potential, even run his own alliance. Has time for diplomacy, so over all, one great SK player.
    KMercer - smart, sensible, can stand to a good discussion with open mind, probably older player too, have shared good skills valuable for SK as an online community. Someone who can laugh at the whining and bitching and knows how to have fun. Retal master in stealth mode.
    LadyAshnod - old, what else can I tell you? I am good at making cookies, and enjoyed the twisted sense of humor on SK.
    Lovsan- smart, pretty much good in coding, and he has good calculator too, helpful, he reminds me of Ben sometimes. He can stand to a good discussion, he aims to improve game and community which is very rare for SK players nowaday.
    Mages - I owe a lot my friend. Thanks for being here for the re-union, it was very refreshing to see players come together to play without the BS. Despite in game BS, just to know you have all the friends you have, chat and chill, its awesome.
    MarianKnight - good player, thanks for coming to the invite. It was such a great re-union, just to see familiar face. Thank you.
    merle of amber (merle) - Merle, amazing player in SK and in AIM, and probably a person you can chill and grab a beer, and have a few laughs.
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - no contact with him, but Mary trust him, so I trust him as well.
    Mustafar - seen few pf interaction, but dont know much about him.
    Psychonaut - Has more talent than your average SK player, technologically adept and brilliant. He reminds me of the guys that I worked in the past, he can use charts and graphs to illustrate many things (for those visual people) . He has been instrumental in updating some spreadsheets in the game start, which was really helpful. I would support any ideas he would put forward. He knows SK inside out, he can support his ideas - even if I disagree with some, he has all my respect.
    P_to_the_uppy - seen him post on Pfs, not much interaction.
    PeeEyeEee - He is most delicious pie, if he puts up with the SK universe, he needs to have a good medal for that.
    Rohan Castle - intelligent guy, have few interactions over AIM. Not in game I think, but he can be a pest, but he is pretty smart, I can tell. Maybe have enough play time for SK, I think he has leadership ability, he can also decent when he wants to. I think he is really funny in PFs the way he post sometimes, he can be rude, but that probably his flavor of the day.
    RZQ - good player, probably have played with him in the past. No BS guy, he says his opinion whether you agree or disagree, have probably high score in game play and contacts, all around good guy.
    Shining - not Mary. I think I have few interaction with him. Sensible. Can have a discussion and can stick to topic, so he would be a kind of Alliance Officer that I like to negotiate in times of war and peace. As to game play, i dont know which kingdom he is, but I would not be surprise if he is top player. Anyone level headed as he is, will definitely top this game. He probably has all the contacts handy.
    SkyDragonX - limited interaction, but good most of the time.
    TMonsta - good spammer, level headed, and quirky. That means you are awesome in my book.
    Tyrsis - seen few post. Nothing much to say.
    xDarkmossx - You must be the one that put TFs at 12/0. If you are, who i think you are.
    Zeality - He can express his opinion and he can respect your opinion. Zeal can show his anger, or frustrations, but he is very cool. I think he also has some free time, so he can be your alliance leader, and he has time for it. Good SK player, as far as I know, smart as well.
    nighthawk- Probably, one of the guys that played in my alliance or sector last game. He can be funny sometimes, I wonder why people on PFs ridicule his post sometimes. Oh well...he can hold up a discussion, he can express his views, he has playing time, he has leadership potentials...and SK is lucky to have Nighthawks.
    jesterawx - Have not played with him, seen few postings on PFs, cannot get a read if he is showing twisted sense of humor, or natural sarcasm. Interesting fellow.
    rockz - seen his name, I am not sure if I have interacted with him in the past.
    walls - limited interaction, early days of the game. He has his own quirks and interesting personality. All around a good guy.
    I'm most definitively a questionable AL. Ask anyone.
    @Mages, I wont question you. ~Cookies~
  • A wild LoXie appears!
    Oh, these are rare! *Throws Ultra Ball*
    *struggle* *struggle*

  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    De Vinci (Dante)-quiet in game, good guy to play with
    ArAcHnId -old fenris but we brought him around, good guy to play with
    Arson - Fun to chat with on AIm about certain activities,
    Azalieo- Grouped with last round, didnt say much, but he hates me now
    Barricade- One of the better players left, has a target due to Darius
    ChefGreg - Best PF player around, and overall NW whore, todays Seph
    CoryNewb -AKA Fathertime, other then the fact he likes the red wings, hes aiiiiight
    Damdred - Great AL and officer, one of he first people i met when coming back, good friend
    Darubian- Not much interaction, but you were in my alliance this round, Ill have to check your hof
    David (Flames)- this guy is fucking sexy
    Flazer - knows wayyyyyy to much maths
    gl0stix - Almost as good as ron with goons
    Ice - Dunno sorry
    KenshinHimura - Good KD builder, good alliance mate
    KMercer - Lies on PFS about beating me in FFB, and owes me some drinkins
    LadyAshnod - Needs to learn new SK but glad she brought new players back
    Lovsan- where do i even start?
    Mages - Doles 2nd wife
    MarianKnight - Not much interaction but I know of him
    merle of amber (merle)- Havent seen him around in a while good little hof slut
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - great AL, gets respect from everyone, tell sme he can build a kd but i say its all lies
    Mustafar - sorry dont know you
    P_to_the_uppy - fun to chat to on aim and is a mini Prosnow
    PeeEyeEee - 900000 year old antique
    Rohan Castle - epic rage quits, You totally rohaned that, plus that video he shared
    RZQ - Good HOF guy, seen him around round to round
    Shining - great guy to play with, fun to joke around with
    SkyDragonX - is an asshat for not getting on aim this round :(
    TMonsta - Cheers for bad hockey teams, and takes Kevins advice on sports
    Tyrsis - The "PK master" as he was referred to when I met him, so far 0 successful pks since i ve met him :D
    xDarkmossx-sorry dont know you
    Zeality - Ol' Tinder here, <3 this guy, fun to chat with, lots of the same stories, and bad life choices
    nighthawk- sorry dont recognize the name
    jesterawx - oh gawd, where to start with this one.... Ill just asy, rumor has it hes the best
    rockz- made a sk app!!!!1
    walls- great AL, fun to play with, knows the game, ruthless AL
  • I apologize, Flames. In-between Uni, going abroad for a couple of weeks and everything else, I didn't have much time for SK. Next round should be far better.
  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    Lovsan- where do i even start?
    oh cmon whats the point of these lists if thats all u gotta say :/
  • Got bored, came back to the pfs to see what's up, was surprised to see it still exists, etc etc.

    Here's a list:

    Arson - Used to be buddies when he was into anime, then he became too cool for it.
    Flazer - Has multiple personalities; some you love, some you hate. One of the few people from SK I consider a friend.
    Lovsan - Easy to talk to, not so easy to understand sometimes.
    P_to_the_uppy - Probably not a kid anymore, but my image of him will always be one.
    TMonsta - Goofiest guy from SK I have ever met. Apparently someone thought it was good idea to make him a mod? I dunno, skpfs are a strange beast.
    Tyrsis - Frog in a well.
    Zeality - Haven't talked to him for a while, but was always a good guy. Cept when he would endlessly rob me.

    Everybody else on the list - Dunno you or at least not well enough to say anything one way or another except this: Why the fuck are you guys still even playing this game?

  • P_to_the_uppy - Probably not a kid anymore, but my image of him will always be one.

    xellllllllllll :D :D :D :D :D

    I'll alwaaaayyysss be a kidddd yaaayyyyy <3

  • P_to_the_uppy - Probably not a kid anymore, but my image of him will always be one.

    xellllllllllll :D :D :D :D :D

    I'll alwaaaayyysss be a kidddd in my pants! yaaayyyyy <3</blockquote>


  • P_to_the_uppy - Probably not a kid anymore, but my image of him will always be one.

    xellllllllllll :D :D :D :D :D

    I'll alwaaaayyysss be a kidddd in my pants! yaaayyyyy <3</blockquote>

  • edited December 2014

    P_to_the_uppy - Probably not a kid anymore, but my image of him will always be one.


    I'll alwaaaayyysss be a kidddd yaaayyyyy <3</blockquote>


  • Dunno you or at least not well enough to say anything one way or another except this: Why the fuck are you guys still even playing this game?
    this should go down in SK classic quotes!
  • I'm filling out 2-3 of these at a time - I gotchu guys
  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    ArAcHnId - Builds a good kingdom

    Arson - This guy I like him i've gotten him killed a couple of times and grouped with him beore hes really fun.

    Azalieo- I like Aza, hes a good WW player and a good groupmate wish he would talk to me more :'(

    Barricade- We have some differing opinions overall but hes an ok guy, he is somewhat handicapped on forums by dariius massive amount of trollings and bringing him into it which sways a lot of peoples opinions negatively sadly.

    ChefGreg- A great friend and chef we going to get together at six flags one day soon and have a lot of fun

    CoryNewb - NEWWWWWWWWWBBBBB, this is one of my best WW forum friends ever hes just great

    Damdred - meh

    Darubian - Daru and I go back a many rounds and many WW together hes great to talk to and hang with and beat on red alert if only he would own a real console.

    Flazer - Has great anime and video game tastes.

    gl0stix - Met him on here in ww, has a sharp mind. Saw his kingdom this round built a decent one interactions have been limited.

    KenshinHimura - Made him freak out when i turned almost 200k tfs in a few days was a funny pm

    KMercer - Loves his eagles thats for sure, good guy

    LadyAshnod - seems to have multiple personalities and is a bit annoying on the forums but it is what it is i guess shes ok.

    Lovsan- popcorn time buddy, overall cool to talk with just wont' be sharing any of myinfo with him.

    Mages - Love his ww and talking to him in pms :)

    merle of amber (merle)- HOF calculator

    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle)- IS a good friend but its pretty fun being in the opposite alliance and killing each other haha, failing on each other killing 40k units at a time pro strat

    Mustafar - had a baby and left when i came back I believe

    P_to_the_uppy - whore and land d

    PeeEyeEee - Survives KTs like he survives having no sex one month at a time

    Rohan Castle - RAGING ROHAN, i like this guy

    RZQ - Great HOF whore


    SkyDragonX - Used to multi a lot and fight with each other a good bit, but I think we are really good friends now.

    TMonsta - Its to early to tell but i think doles gone inactive again.

    Tyrsis - The biggest raging AL ever, but hes so fun to work with and kills his WW team mates for lolz.

    xDarkmossx- he's ok been in four or so alliances with him.

    Zeality - DISBAND FLAZER AGAIN PLEASE, builds pretty good all goon/sci kingdoms out ofnewb

    nighthawk- rages a lot

    jesterawx - Helped this boy get #1 rank so he can hold it over everyones head forgets to tell people i helped him and hes multi'd lynog into the stone age XD j/k j/k probably known him and Tyrsis the longest on SK.


    walls- Overall walls isn't to bad, we've butted heads a few times but pretty cool.
  • Real console?! Shenanigans!
  • Real console?! Shenanigans!
  • Real console?! I only own an xbone!
    Its really to bad for you daru

  • KenshinHimura - Made him freak out when i turned almost 200k tfs in a few days was a funny
    I don't remember that at all
  • I never go inactive. I just play the silent game while not logging in.
  • i still dont get why everything thinks i hate should all know by now that i hate each and every one of you with a deep, burning passion
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