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What do you think of them?! THE LIST!

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here it is, lets start insulting!

De Vinci (Dante)
David (added)
merle of amber (merle)
mthrfnlumberjack (moogle)
Rohan Castle


  • yay i didnt make the list woohoo!!!
  • ArAcHnId - No idea
    Arson - extremely fun player for the 3 weeks he might be active, one of the few real friends that i've made on this game
    Azalieo - fag
    ChefGreg - had no idea who he was til a few rounds ago, really cool guy
    CoryNewb - a mediocre DW player
    Damdred - a fun WW player
    Darubian - dunno
    Flazer - my first SL when i came back a few rounds ago, taught me a lot
    gl0stix - likes boys
    Ice - odd character, but a cool guy
    KenshinHimura - no idea
    KMercer - no idea
    LadyAshnod - fenris, that name makes me bleh
    Lovsan - eh
    Mages - cant actually cast spells, i felt let down
    MarianKnight - who?
    mthrfnlumberjack - this is moogle right?
    Mustafar - whoe?
    P_to_the_uppy - eh
    PeeEyeEee - eh
    Rohan Castle - has a much higher opinion of himself as an alliance leader than he should
    RZQ - eh
    Shining - eh
    SkyDragonX - eh
    TMonsta - worst mod ever
    Tyrsis - hates freedom AND baby Jesus
    xDarkmossx - who?
    Zeality - likes to follow hits, which in my view is worse than bashing
    nighthawk - likes boys
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    ArAcHnId - who?

    Arson - One of the coolest mates I've ever met here, Anything you need baby, just ask papa Rohan ;)

    Azalieo - Fag

    ChefGreg - A cool mate, I've only played with you that I know of a handful of times, but always fun.

    CoryNewb - Babydaddy

    Damdred - Who the fuck are you? Dave, Ian, Flames, I don't know, but you're cool brah, keep that shit up!

    Darubian - Old mate, have been in your alliances, your sectors. Can build decently, and kill if need be. Miss the old days :P

    Flazer - Another old mate. The coolest Asian I know.

    gl0stix - I havn't played with you much, but this round has been bangin' so far glad to be here with yea.

    Ice - Old mate, glad to see you back :)

    KenshinHimura - Dunno much about you.

    KMercer - Great builder

    LadyAshnod - You're a rager, I can smell it.

    Lovsan - Sexiest bitch I know. You don't really ever fight for alliance that i've seen, only for what is beneficial to you and your sector. Admirable.

    Mages - Holds the best WW games i've ever played, but if you could give me another BCart roll, that would be nice, kkthnxbi.

    MarianKnight - Don't know too much about you, I remember you from the older days, but our paths never crossed.

    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - Evil bastard who can destroy, manipulate, and lead the best wars, and strongest sectors. One of the phew I know still setting SK records :P



    PeeEyeEee - Good mate, can troll well, can also get butthurt easy if you put the right dick in his seat.

    Rohan Castle - I am a good AL Aza, I'm a rager, I can't help that :P


    Shining - Fuckin funny ass mate, great conversations, can build a good KD, and overall fun to play with.

    SkyDragonX - I own s2 bitch, remember that?

    TMonsta - Best mod in the world. Gave me mod powers for less than 5 minutes, gave me my Rohan Castle name after being banned by BCart, hard to tell if he's bad in WWs, and great person overall.

    Tyrsis - I like you, but havn't really played much with you.

    xDarkmossx -

    Zeality - In all of my 44 games i've played, I've always fought against the side you're on Until this round. I've always thought you to be a dick, but you turned out to be one of the coolest players I know. Thanks for a great round.


    MerleOfAmber - You're fuckin' old. Retire Bitch! Merle, I'd follow your lead anywhere. Good mate, Good player, one of the few players that has made my experience here great on many rounds in many wars. Glad to see you still here.
  • If ya don't know who I be then you obviously haven't played too long.. I've been around since the beginning. JS
  • I didn't make the lis. I have a life Yay!
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    you can still post your opinions! :)

    ps added you to list
  • I didn't make the lis. I have a life Yay!
    you can still post your opinions! :)

    ps added you to list

  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    Arson pothead who cant play ww
    Azalieo crap ww player
    CoryNewb good when he cares
    Damdred good at times
    Darubian smith fuckin wanker
    Flazer acts good never delivers
    gl0stix not bad
    KenshinHimura dewie the newbie ww
    Mages hepta noob lyncher
    P_to_the_uppy cc
    Rohan Castle trohan
    Shining ok in the past
    SkyDragonX good when trying
    TMonsta troll dole
    Tyrsis eagle troll
    Zeality zeal the real deal used to be good
  • I didn't make the lis. I have a life Yay!
    you can still post your opinions! :)

    ps added you to list

    Dayum lol

  • If ya don't know who I be then you obviously haven't played too long.. I've been around since the beginning. JS
    g6b v1.0 - it's been 11 years, and I didn't become even remotely known until 1.1 in Source UA & Alliances. Pardon my memory :P
  • Edited and added

  • Just for the people that don't know, i'm ArAville in game, AeroArachnid on aim and used to referred to as AA or ArA :p

  • MerleOfAmber - You're fuckin' old. Retire Bitch! Merle, I'd follow your lead anywhere. Good mate, Good player, one of the few players that has made my experience here great on many rounds in many wars. Glad to see you still here.
    I've just logged in and explored all round. That's what it means to be retired right? :D
  • Lolol, hell yeah, I do the same thing. Randomly hit whoever I want. Fables wants to hit me because I war abused. I figured I'm old, what do I care :P
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    ArAcHnId - nice guy
    Arson - hmm name is familiar but don't really remember who he is
    Azalieo - Aza .......
    ChefGreg - You'll always be Tiesto to me *hugs* I'll always love you honey
    CoryNewb - name is familiar....
    Damdred - name is familiar
    Darubian - don't know
    Flazer - name seems familiar
    gl0stix - don't know
    KenshinHimura - don't know
    KMercer - The Lord himself. my very first UA leader
    LadyAshnod - ..... sigh
    Lovsan - cool guy
    Mages - don't know
    MarianKnight - Marian are you still misunderstood? Another sweetie. You'll always be one of my bad boys ;-)
    MerleOfAmber - another sweetie
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) The great moogley oogley. *hugs* I'll always love you too honey
    Mustafar - don't know
    P_to_the_uppy - don't now
    PeeEyeEee - don't know
    Rohan Castle - Source UA ..... I had the alliance Source created to be one of my sister alliances
    RZQ - don't know
    Shining - the second shining?
    SkyDragonX = name seems familiar
    TMonsta - name seems familiar
    Tyrsis - don't know
    xDarkmossx - don't know
    Zeality - don't know
    nighthawk - name seems familiar
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    ArAcHnId - seems nice. I think I remember him from ages ago.
    Arson - king of the thunder dome.
    Azalieo - wishes he could DW like me (:
    Barricade - some kind of villain. Zzzzz
    ChefGreg - knows his way around the kitchen. Good fella. Would hang out with again.
    CoryNewb - CMSZ
    Damdred - great friend, I wish I knew him for longer.
    Darubian - resident xbot. Heart u
    Flazer - I hate you. It is why I love you.
    gl0stix - funny new dude. Active and bright. Keep playing ww with us :)
    Ice - we used to get mixed up all the time.
    KenshinHimura - Likes samurai
    KMercer - Good ally, better enemy.
    LadyAshnod - blast from the past.
    Lovsan - Haxxor
    Mages - Lovely gentleman.
    MarianKnight - Knight of the round table
    merle of amber (merle) - Needs to play more we.
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - needs to come to my side of the state asap
    Mustafar - not sure we've met, hello I'm cory
    P_to_the_uppy - is land D
    PeeEyeEee - delicious
    Rohan Castle - claims that I am the one, but the kid is noty son
    RZQ - run to play SK with, needs to ww moar
    Shining - CMSZ
    SkyDragonX - Favorite Brit :)
    TMonsta - Tim is my boy :)
    Tyrsis - is a witch
    xDarkmossx - hi in Cory, welcome!
    Zeality - CMSZ
    nighthawk - zzzzzz
    jesterawx - clay I wish you would be my ww husband again
    rockz - y helo thar
    walls - smart(ass)
    MissMeadows - CMSZ
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    Finish later
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    ArAcHnId - Have played with Araville for as long as I know him. Very consistent player, down to earth build a good kingdom, pretty active. He is a good one to make an Alliance Leader.
    Arson - dont know him, maybe have not played with him.
    Azalieo - Limited interaction with him. Knows much about SK history, maybe older player, cant be sure
    Barricade - is he the one with a nice Halloween custome or was it Ghosted?
    ChefGreg - seen on PFs, rational post, no BS. Have not player with him.
    CoryNewb - limited interaction on PFs, maybe have not played with him.
    Damdred - now, i have to think who he is.
    Darubian - amazing player, easy to get along with, rationale, enthusiastic in the game. I think we need more Darubian in SK.
    Flazer - let me think...i'm not sure if I have played with Flazer. But ...I will edit when I remember.
    gl0stix - Level headed, can hold up to an arguement, agree to disagree and knows to make decision base on two sides of a coin, have leadership qualities, he knows the game inside out, maybe he has been AL in the past, or make a pretty good AL.
    Ice - If you are IceGodSK ...hello!
    KenshinHimura - young player, I think very smart, but sometime can be easily influence, but that is how you learn. He has the WC potential, even run his own alliance. Has time for diplomacy, so over all, one great SK player.
    KMercer - limited interaction this round, smart, sensible, can stand to a good discussion with open mind, probably older player too, have shared good skills valuable for SK as an online community.
    LadyAshnod - old, what else can I tell you? I am good at making cookies, and enjoyed the twisted sense of humor on SK.
    Lovsan- smart, pretty much good in coding, and he has good calculator too, helpful, he reminds me of Ben sometimes. He can stand to a good discussion, he aims to improve game and community which is very rare for SK players nowaday.
    Mages - I owe a lot my friend. Thanks for being here for the re-union, it was very refreshing to see players come together to play without the BS. Despite in game BS, just to know you have all the friends you have, chat and chill, its awesome.
    MarianKnight - good player, thanks for coming to the invite. It was such a great re-union, just to see familiar face. Thank you.
    merle of amber (merle) - Merle, amazing player in SK and in AIM, and probably a person you can chill and grab a beer, and have a few laughs.
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - good
    Mustafar - seen few pf interaction, but dont know much about him.
    P_to_the_uppy - seen him post on Pfs, not much interaction.
    PeeEyeEee - He is most delicious pie, if he puts up with the SK universe, he needs to have a good medal for that.
    Rohan Castle - intelligent guy, have few interactions over AIM. Not in game I think, but he can be a pest, but he is pretty smart, I can tell. Maybe have enough play time for SK, I think he has leadership ability, he can also decent when he wants to. I think he is really funny in PFs the way he post sometimes, he can be rude, but that probably his flavor of the day.
    RZQ - good player, probably have played with him in the past. No BS guy, he says his opinion whether you agree or disagree, have probably high score in gameplay and contacts, all around good guy.
    Shining - not Mary
    SkyDragonX - limited interaction, but good most of the time.
    TMonsta - good spammer, level headed, and quirky. That means you are awesome in my book.
    Tyrsis - seen few post. Nothing much to say.
    xDarkmossx - You must be the one that put TFs at 12/0. If you are, who i think you are.
    Zeality - He can express his opinion and he can respect your opinion. Zeal can show his anger, or frustrations, but he is very cool. I think he also has some free time, so he can be your alliance leader, and he has time for it. Good SK player, as far as I know, smart as well.
    nighthawk- Probably, one of the guys that played in my alliance or sector last game. He can be funny sometimes, I wonder why people on PFs ridicule his post sometimes. Oh well...he can hold up a discussion, he can express his views, he has playing time, he has leadership potentials...and SK is lucky to have Nighthawks.
    jesterawx - Have not played with him, seen few postings on PFs, cannot get a read if he is showing twisted sense of humor, or natural sarcasm. Interesting fellow.
    rockz - seen his name, I am not sure if I have interacted with him in the past.
    walls - limited interaction, early days of the game. He has his own quirks and interesting personality. All around a good guy.
  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    ArAcHnId - Couldnt get much of a read on him, seems funny though
    Arson - definition of wildcard, seen this bro make some beast kds, but hes less reliable than me
    Azalieo - Has the temperament of Hazza, Darkness etc, misses the point of sk so I enjoy him being around :D
    Barricade - Beast, fun guy to go toe-to-toe with.
    ChefGreg - Big daddy greg, dont let his kd this round fool you, he still rekt people daily. He can usually do it and stay safe, just a fucking machine. Also my adopted father on Destiny so o/ for that
    CoryNewb - CMSZ, funny guy. Pretty sure hes secretly canadian
    Damdred - Master AL, you wont find many better. KD building has actually improved too so hes the real deal.
    Darubian - rages on sk more than i thought he would, but he provides the commmunity a different personality so yay for that
    Flazer - Reminds me of the 40 yr old virgin, but he could outbuild 99% of sk so theres that
    gl0stix - Useful asset this round, everybody loves a scary DW
    Ice -- ?
    KenshinHimura - i vaguely remember hum before this round, but hes a legit dude. Lumberjack4lyfe
    KMercer - Steals my money... not sure how i feel about that. If you cant find mercer, look for a malazan themed name and in the top10
    LadyAshnod - takes the cake for most ambitious, worst AL i have ever seen. well done
    Lovsan - still the most shady guy around, not sure most people even know half the shit youve done lol, but he makes me laugh so i ignore it
    Mages - i dont know if he plays sk, but hes a solid personality in thus community and expert WW
    MarianKnight - not sure
    merle of amber (merle) - not sure
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - mafuckah! Had some good times with Moogs, hes a guy you want on your side when hes active. hell of a builder, leader and motivator, A+
    Mustafar - Heard he was a WG this round, if so he gets credit for worst wg ever. Made us look like rockstars
    P_to_the_uppy - Turtle supreme, troll and i picture him to be a tall, skinny black gay man.
    PeeEyeEee - Masochist. He will go on for days about his losses. aside from that hes a hof whore so id take him any round
    Rohan Castle - can be fun ti fuck with, funny guy and likes to get shot at. Not sure what he does on sk, this round i saw him multi, threaten multis, get hit for power, rage, laugh and cry. Suicided one day randomly, not sure why :(
    RZQ - who
    Shining - I like this guy, cmsz and seems loyal and decent builder. Heard he turned on ma boys after i died though, booooooooo shining booooooooo
    SkyDragonX - anither wildcard, he could do anything at any time. Ghost, multi, get disabled by bcart or make a decent kd, who knows. Also tried to fight lynog one day, that was LOLhilarious
    TMonsta - His rage is just beneath the surface, funny guy though. Used to fuck with neg for lolz, always made me laugh
    Tyrsis - Champion of noobs, always led alliances full of em. what would thry do without Ty
    xDarkmossx - nadda
    Zeality -
    nighthawk - is this kurizujin? if so holy fuck he needs a psychiatrist
    jesterawx - funny guy, good builder and phenomenal taste in boooks. Heard tales of his rage but i like clay too much to bring it out. thats a lie i just havent had a good chance yet
    rockz- dint really know him
    walls - azn master supreme. was always told he was a big cheat, and it fit given his company. Seems pretty reasonable though, just likes to turtle in peace.
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    here it is, lets start insulting!

    ArAcHnId - first time I've really talked with him this round. Good guy so far
    Arson - good friend, one of the better oldskool builders still left. The best story about arson is how Bcart would auto delete his pf threads after 15 mineuts. Lol we'd have to quote any arson posts ASAP or they'd be gone
    Azalieo - good taste I'd reading material, OK guy
    Barricade - solid kd builde, only really talked with him for a few rounds on goc
    ChefGreg - my boy! Tiesto lifts bro. Part of the goon squad. Still crushing skulls
    CoryNewb - csmz master mind? Fun guy
    Damdred - this one time damdred was crushing it, made the top offense and got the uni to war and kt him, then failed all his hits as a kt and he died. I will never let him live this down. - damdred is also one of my good buddies. Best AL left playing
    Darubian - seems ok,haven't talked much with you
    Flazer - I trust Flazers math more then my own. I can't say this about anyone else in sk.
    gl0stix - first time I've really talked with him this round, seems like a good guy
    Ice- I had no idea ice was arsons brother until this round....
    KenshinHimura good war monger. Been playing for ages
    KMercer good guy. Can always find his kd ;) we have a plan with kd names
    LadyAshnod - admirable what you tried to do this round but .. lay off the crazy pills just a little?
    Lovsan - Toni is a nice guy, doing a lot of good this for sk.
    Mages - Mages is one of the best spammers around, quality >quantity
    MarianKnight - I've only played with you a few times. Seems like a good guy
    merle of amber (merle) - seems like a good guy
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle)- moogle is one of my boys. Crusher
    Mustafar idk him
    P_to_the_uppy mostly fought aginst puppy. Meh. Good of troll
    PeeEyeEee my aim buddy. He loves me more than you
    Rohan Castle - never go full rohan.... he's like the hulk. Too much rage, you can't handle it all....good guy most of the time
    RZQ I've only fought u in wars.
    Shining starting to grow up. To bad you didn't get to crush the puny noobs this round
    SkyDragonX - good and bad things sky has done for sk. He's multied to many time to ever be considered 100% legit, but he also found the ghost bug and got carts attention, which probably saved a complete exodus. Grouped with him this round, good group mate so far
    TMonsta spam king. Dole is a good guy.
    Tyrsis - xFiMx. Enough said
    xDarkmossx - idk u
    Zeality- idk u
    nighthawk- idk u
    jesterawx idk u
    rockz good old Skool al. Only.know rockz by reputation tho
    walls- outside of sk I really like walls. Really fun to chat with and enjoyable. That being said, I always seem to end up in a grudge match with him
    P.s. jk zeal.
    Zeal gives 0 fks. He and I agree on books, rolling noobs, and hunting tears. Mmmmmmmm love to make people rage.
    Also- I have raged pretty hard, but idk if there is anything in sk that could happen now that would get me to that point again
  • here it is, lets start insulting!

    ArAcHnId seems like a good guy just met him this rd
    Arson fun fella
    Azalieo known a long time don't think he likes me lol
    Barricade good player
    ChefGreg one of my best mates on sk.
    CoryNewb yay I'll come visit Ya soon
    Damdred good guy good friend was more fun killing him than being on the same side lol
    Darubian seems alrite didn't get along with well in his alliance
    Flazer he stole my name I was born first
    gl0stix meet this rd he loves war I like it
    Ice nub
    KenshinHimura seems like a good builder don't know him well
    KMercer known him forever good player good friend
    LadyAshnod fenris noob
    Lovsan another long friend loyal as they come good builder
    Mages Idk mages well.
    MarianKnight idk
    merle of amber (merle) good friend good builder
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) inactive
    Mustafar idk well
    P_to_the_uppy idk
    PeeEyeEee his neck hurts needs more drugs
    Rohan Castle nice guy known awhile
    RZQ fights for his alliance
    Shining suprised me that he could make a kd
    SkyDragonX idk well
    TMonsta dolenub frenemy known a long time
    Tyrsis idk well been around
    xDarkmossx some nub
    Zeality crazy like the rest of us solid builder good friend
    nighthawk idk new?
    jesterawx clay nub solid builder good friend
    rockz remember when he was a nub seems nice enough from what I remember
    walls never knew walls well. Can build solid kds
  • i know 6 people on this list
  • Add me in? <3</blockquote>

    add merle, the good one.
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    here it is, lets start insulting!

    ArAcHnId - talks/acts like hes in the top 3 while barely in the top 50 :P
    Arson - though we've interacted many times over the years, the only thing I know about him for sure is that he's a stoner.
    Azalieo - dont know outside of pfs
    Barricade - Good kd builder and did a great job organizing Mutiny. Some questionable shenanigans, but over all fun to play with.
    ChefGreg - One of many people I know from the past but cant remember from where :P Lost a lot of probes early this round, I lol'd
    CoryNewb - some newb named cory
    Damdred - Great to have around in a war machine but doesnt seem to last long enough
    Darubian - I feel like I know you from before this round but idk
    Flazer - dont know outside of pfs
    gl0stix - I hit him last round and we've been best of friends ever since
    Ice - I was caught in a few xFCx shenanigans in the past, so we've met, dont remember anything about him though
    KenshinHimura - What KD name will he use next?
    KMercer - almost grouped with me last round, got owned instead :P
    LadyAshnod - Should have taken an extra round to relearn SK before jumping right in
    Lovsan - Currently making a new SK chrome extension AND the next SK. I hope it turns out awesome
    Mages - Threw him under the bus hard and almost immediately
    MarianKnight - dont know much about him
    merle of amber (merle) - dont know much about him
    mthrfnlumberjack (moogle) - Officially met him after hitting him in training day, but who doesnt know the name moogle?
    Mustafar - We go way back. I think we first met in my first/only alliance, Anarchy. Glad to see some familiar faces coming back
    P_to_the_uppy - I remember the round when Bcart gave defensive the pop bonus. We grouped with the sole purpose of exploiting the state. He was in first immediately with a huge lead until the uni realized they could arson/kidnap all his defense in 1 tick
    PeeEyeEee - I love the sneaky pie kd names you come up with
    Rohan Castle - that guy...
    RZQ - heard the name, thats about it
    Shining - I heard the name a few rounds ago but just met him recently. Seems cool as long as he doesnt hit me :P
    SkyDragonX - I feel like I should have something to say here
    TMonsta - we did not see eye to eye the first round we met
    Tyrsis - dont know outside of pfs
    xDarkmossx - never heard of him
    Zeality - I've definitely heard the name in the past but I dont think we've met before this round
    nighthawk - dont know outside of pfs
    jesterawx - I'm not sure how much we interacted in the past, but we have met years ago.
    rockz - Abandoned SK for 3-4 knockoffs. Guess it takes that many games to fill the void that is SK
    walls - Not sure how/when we met, but it was years ago, back when I was a nobody. Doesn't seem like he cares too much about SK anymore
    Edit: Gotta respond to wicked desires post about me...

    At the end of last round I was trolling about the uni after having been kted. I had something like 400 land and no indication that the KD was me aside from talking to wobba and his alliance. A few days left in the round I got a msg from Mary. The message was an officer recruitment msg trying to gain experienced leadership for this round. You claim not to know who I am, but sent me that msg to recruit me as an officer anyway. Either you do know me, or you were messaging RANDOM 400 land kds looking for leadership. Makes me question your leadership abilities. Also, yes we have met a few years ago :P
  • For people that are frequent to the forums, not knowing me is like saying you've never been probed before. Bow before your Probe God!
  • For people that are frequent to the forums, not knowing me is like saying you've never been probed before. Bow before your Probe God!
    who da fsk are u?
  • For people that are frequent to the forums, not knowing me is like saying you've never been probed before. Bow before your Probe God!
    who da fsk are u?
  • For people that are frequent to the forums, not knowing me is like saying you've never been probed before. Bow before your Probe God!
    who da fsk are u?
  • For people that are frequent to the forums, not knowing me is like saying you've never been probed before. Bow before your Probe God!
    who da fsk are u?
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