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  • The whole problem stems from society. If you have a society completely lacking morals, and allow the people in that society free reign to obtain as much wealth as they choose, it is obvious to anyone that many will be taken advantage of

  • Sure Darius. You should be able to.
    But the question, and the problem associated with that is, why would one need to amass more than one needs... Leaving others with less than they need?

    To me, it goes to the psychology formed by cultural norms, associated with these last couple of ultra-consumerism generations. Fuelled by corporate mainstream driven media, insisting on us that "More is King"
    The Me-Me generations, that think "Happiness" is found @ the end of a credit card.
    That have gone from caring about the group ~ family/community well-being, to caring about the self, and sometimes their immediate family only.

  • I would say it can be traced back even further then from recent generations. I would say it all stems from the Enlightment, and today we see the final degenerated product.

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    @CountD Sure... it's been there since kings & priest were created.
    Control the masses techniques.
    But the Deep-State/cCabal/elites have perfected their methods since reagan. Infiltrating US presidency of Bush Snr... Jnr. & Obama.
    And as much as they tried with Hilary... that evil bitch.

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    I'm not a Trump fan generally, but he's got their number. Same as JFK did, as well as Reagan.
    And look what happened to them... One assassinated, the other an attempt to steer off-course.

  • You must be an athiest cumgitsum, commie scum!!

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    @CountD Athiest? How do you get to that? :tongue:
    I don't believe in any monotheistic religion, no... One god towering over us, with a lash ready to pounce on us for not complying with dogma... But that doesn't mean I'm an atheist.

    I used to be I guess. When I was younger. That seems to be a belief from peeps who have no insight into anything but what science can prove.

    Very simple & arrogant ideology IMO

  • And the only thing "Red under my bed" is a novelty anal probe I use on my missus :lol:

  • Not sure what God you are referring to but the one I know is not towering over us ready to lash us, in fact his Son was the one being lashed

  • Idk boys based on my life I’m living in a simulation within a simulation.. it’s just simulations all the way up, running an innfinite loop until the day we discover how to upload our conscious into a simulation and be born again

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    @CountD Any of the One God religions.... Christianity, Judaism or Islam. They are all BS.
    Made by men, by men's words to control the masses. For the priveledged few at the top, not the people.
    The one's who claim in the bible that you WILL be punished for not obeying his laws/dogma
    (Lash was a metaphor mate. For punishment.)

    @darius I like that idea, similar Elon Musk's... but a tad too scientific for my mind. Though it's a nice analogy of how it actually works IMO

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    Your knowledge of theology is lacking if you believe that drivel. How is teaching one to love his neighbor as himself controlling him? The Church is the fabric of Western civilization, whether you like it or not. I would hardly say those at the top are privileged, they spent all their time devoted to the faith. It is the secularist who want to control you with the dollar bill. Christianity liberates you, it teaches that the material world is fleeting.

    The Church was insituted by Christ, any dogma was originally instituted by Him. How else does an institution survive 2000 years then without divine Providence? He does not ask for much, your punishment is your own doing. You choose eternal life or damnation, it is a pretty good trade off.

    As for His existence read Aquinas's Five Ways...

  • Islam don't get me started. That is easily the biggest scam in history which is responsible for untold number of deaths. Muhammad would continually get 'revelation' from God which suited himself only. I can only imagine how much better off the Levant would be has Christianity not been all but existinguished my Mohammedism.

  • Count, you’re right that Christianity is the foundation for western civilization, and personally I’m a big fan of the revised moral guidelines for the non barbaric civilization. Religions served as a form of quintessential law before laws could be easily enforced without over the top brutality. However, religions themselves are fundamentally flawed because they are based on bullshit. Non-diety Buddhism is an excellent example of what religion should be, but we need Christianity to defeat ongoing plagues like Islam

  • Sorry did you mean the Jesus Christ that came down to earth from heaven? Isn't that the alien that the mayans depicted on their walls?

  • @RMagician sounds like mormonism

  • Christianity is the only Law friend

  • Or Catholicism I should say, the Protestants and other heretics are just that...heresy.

  • We look around us and see everything in the world is bad, fair, good. Thus there must be something that is absolutely perfect, as God is. Also where do you believe your conscience comes from? Just appeared one day? How does one know what is good and what is bad?

  • We worry about the destruction of this game yet we do not worry about the destruction of our souls...sad isn't it?

  • Also Christ didn't come down to heaven, He ascended to Heaven

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    @CountD Sorry. But you are brainwashed sheeple. It's a fairy tale mate.
    @darius I agree re. Buddhism

  • yeah Count, maybe put down the koolaid. There's no way around what Jesus said being a righteous way to live your life but the organization and dogma of basically every religion is a poison.

  • Real religion does not require infrastructure, the church is a corporation like any other but the message is sound

  • Christ said of Peter, on this rock I will make my Church. As for pedofilia in the Church, studies have proven that the amount of priests that do those vile things is the same percentage as the general population

  • I was an athiest before hand, I would not call myself brainwashed

  • You have to accept all of Christs teachings not bits and pieces..and he makes it abundantly clear that his intention was to form the Church to continue his message and insitute his sacraments

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    What dogma are you all talking about lmao...all the dogma of the Church was insituted by Christ. Tell me this dogma that you believe is brainwashing people. It is easy to get on the bandwagon and say ohh the Church wants authority in peoples' lives? I dont like authority! I want to do whatever I want! Well sorry to say but there is only one authority and he has his church.

  • You must all thing the Church is pocketing tons and tons of money, news flash Harvard Uni is worth more than the Catholic Church

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