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Daily reminder that rob is the most path player... EVER!!

Also apparently his wife said his dick smells like rotten cheese mixed with outta date mayo. Possibly due to being unwashed and unused.



  • I see change coming..not from the rotten dick boy but I can feel some good future rounds on the way :) you can all help with positive

  • Since Rob's the sheriff and nothing can be done about it I figure he will catalog every hateful thing to punish every single person that dares speak out against him. For that reason I just wanted it to be stated on that record that he's a swell guy and I'm sorry that he was wronged by cheaters.

  • @dank Smart. These two goofy fucks who posted before you enjoy insulting me in uni chat and the Pf's as if I care what they think or it's going to change something.

    Funny thing is when next round comes around and everyone ELSE gets to play again they will regret it.

    Ah well...You know what they say, you can't fix stupid.

  • Lololololol. Fuck off Rob

  • @Pandask why the fuck would i regret it. You seem to be operating under the delusional thoughts that you are worthy of respect.

    You honestly expect to throw quite possibly the largest hissy fit in the history of sk and not get insulted.
    Up until this round you had my appreciation and a bit of respect for your efforts.

    But if you think that your not gonna get insulted for wiping out everyones kd multiple times that had nothing to do with your arse getting hit then you are right.. you cant fix stupid.

    Stop me from playing next round see if i give a shit, still not gonna tongue your arsehole for ya. Just proves what a wanker you are

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    Rob does realise that Dank was flinging shit @ the same time as polishing his knob right?
    Nice multi-taskin there Dank.

  • @dae When did I ever ask for or expect respect? Don't respect me I couldn't care less, but what do you plan to accomplish by name calling? Aside from putting a future target on your back.

    Talk about hissy fits, you and a few others are literally grasping at straws in the uni chat to try and trigger me. Going as far as making kingdoms with names like this Rape Robs Wife (1:1), Rob should die (1:18). Talk about taking things overboard. My kingdom was multid this round too, but you won't see me wishing harm on someone over it. I guess this is more then a game to some of you weirdos.

    As far as you getting your kingdom killed multiple times, it wasn't personal everyone suffered the same fate. Is it selfish? Sure. Unfortunately it's difficult to pinpoint exactly who is responsible for what happened, therefore this is the only way to be 100% sure I got them. Now they know for future reference that if it happens again no one will be playing, so they might as well not even waste their time.

  • daedae
    edited July 2018

    @Pandask dude we have all been multid. Your the one treating it like more than a game

  • @Pandask well i do understand your grudge crusade, but killing innocent kd more then once isnt overkill dont you think?

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    @cumgitsum The Rob situation is hilarious. At the moment it's why I come back here to check on the status of the game. I'm considering playing a round. As ridiculous as this sounds on the surface Rob's probably the best admin this games ever had. Hell the other ones just catered to their cheater buddies by collecting all of the exploits for themselves. It's a nice soap opera on an otherwise dead game.

  • daedae
    edited July 2018

    @Pandask you whinging cos you get triggered and insulted. You act like a bitch you get treated like a bitch

  • @dae Targeting someone in future rounds is still keeping it game related. Things get sad when people revert from game related to real life. Wishing harm on someone else because your kingdom died on starkingdoms is pathetic.

  • edited July 2018

    @dae I'm not whining what so ever. You're the one making a big fuss in the Uni chat and the Pf's. I'm simply replying, thus giving you the attention you're seeking.

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    To be fair... The eskaay-fuzz should not be playing the game as well. Simple. I would be surprised if anyone could resist having that powa & playing impartially.

  • Except for dank of course ;)

  • daedae
    edited July 2018

    You claim others are making a fuss and yet your the one crying

  • Its funny how you try to just yourself as better than everyone else. Your nothing more than a child

  • @Pandask nah you’re straight bitch made Rob.. ”Boo hooo someone made fun of me in game..” grow a pair bitch.. I’d say more but honestly can’t be bothered.

  • @TJx2ndCx Lol alright tough guy.

  • so if @Pandask is rob, who the hell is @Robtomo?

  • One of his many alter egos, the dude is very sick and uses SK as an outlet

  • @Wobbajooblar Same person, I changed my email on Robtomo then forgot the login details to it. So I'm using this account to post.

    @Secretforce Talk about sick you've been killed like 5+ times now, yet you continue to make new kingdoms every time to do nothing other then whine in the uni chat. Do you really have nothing better to do with yourself?

  • 2 kds have been killed, madherb and catfood and no I don't hence why I'm trying to play SK, unfortunately some twerpy little punk sociopath is ruining it for everyone so :neutral:

  • @Pandask tough guy? Nothing about that statement alluded that I’m tough. But I’m glad you’re scared

  • if you try to find something good about this, we should thank Rob for "allowing" us to have 2 month break from sk. :expressionless:

  • Lol I might be done for awhile honestly. I’ve never seen a grown man spazz so hard over insults in uninchat.. Homie is mad shook.. “scared to death scared to look”

  • Also I find it funny rob called out those kingdoms someone made. Nobody is going to rape his wife.. she probably fucks willingly.

  • edited July 2018

    If you look at how Rob is handling SK you can be pretty sure that he is in full control at home too. It's more than just an SK persona he's probably one of the highest dominant personality types I've ever witnessed. So much so that he has crushed the others. Probably has an interesting blood line it isn't normal. He's one of the lizard people or something.

  • I think he's a weak little bitch, probably lives in a wheelchair and quite possibly has children chained in his basement

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