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IMPORTANT! POLL: What should the punishment for hitting bots before allowed be?

Vote Here:

I will abstain from voting, I don't care either way. After seeing the bots' defense, I don't think too much of an advantage was gained by hitting them so I am happy to roll with Drank's idea, but I know some of you have justice boners and want to see the long dick of the law carry out punishment. It is more important to me that it acts as a deterrent for the future, not just as a temporary punishment. Maybe a hybrid solution where we do Drankhofs for now, and mine for next round with plenty of advance warning?

Option 1: Drankhof's Idea

If you really think it is an advantage they had, than do something like:
1 hit made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 1 full day(when it is allowed for the rest)
2 hits made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 2 full days (when it is allowed for the rest)
3+ hits made when it wasn't allowed= you are not allowed to hit the bot for 3 full days (when it is allowed for the rest)

This way you punish them with a judgement they had benefit from earlier and not give a big benefit to the rest.

Option 2: Darius' Idea

As discussed on the discord, I don't have an issue with people hitting the bots, although I personally voted 'no' on allowing it, but I do have an issue with people gaining advantages by ignoring the rules.

Enforcement & future deterrents will be as such;

1 Hit on bots pre-allowance = Fails equivalent to your current defense at time of sentencing.

Example: You have 20k tanks defense at time of sentencing, so 10 bots will send 2000 tanks as "fails" equivalent to a hit to damage your defense, but you will be allowed to keep the land

2 Hits on bots pre-allowance = 2x the sentence

Example: You have 20k tanks defense, so 20 bots will send 2000 tanks as fails equivalent to two hits worth of damage on your defense, but you will be allowed to keep the land


3+ Hits on bots = 2x current defense "fails", then .25x per hit beyond that. Meaning if you attacked bots 4x, you will get 2.5x your defense worth of fails

20k base defense x 2.5x = 50k tanks sent at you but not enough to break



  • Option 2.

  • Damn hazza, cold blooded.. maybe your kd should be merciless

  • Fine Option 3. Rob, uses all his PAs to rob their banks dry.. 1 day for each hit made.

  • edited November 2018

    Drankof's seems fairest for mine.

  • Thread closed.

    Voting closed at 15-9 after being 9-9 all morning. I strongly suspect cheating in the poll. I abstained from voting myself, so a blind re-vote will determine whether the outcome was manipulated

    Please visit the newly made thread instead

  • lol i vote let them be

  • Wait and I'm somehow the one who looks stupid?

    You are calling for a re-vote after you don't get the results you wanted?

    There are at least 25 players from looking at the score list, 24 if you don't count yourself since you didn't vote. 15+9 = 24, why is it so hard to believe people voted against you?

    Fuck man you are manipulating this game so hard to get the best result for you, not for the game.

  • edited November 2018

    shut the fuck up sped, seriously. I am trying to be patient with you but you are making it impossible with your constant whining

    I already addressed this obvious criticism, I am not the only one that feels this way, and this is EXACTLY the result I wanted. I am not actually a vindictive person, I am typically very forgiving but I also understand the need for law and order, I wanted a solution that de-incentivized breaking the rules but didn't ruin the existing competition. I PREFER Drankhof's suggestion, with my solution as a next stage penalty for people that ignore rules. We finally have the opportunity to enforce in-game rules thanks to the generosity of Rob.

    I intentionally set the poll this way as a trap to test the integrity of the community, especially the assholes like you who cannot bear to follow basic fucking rules to keep the game fair. I didnt care about the outcome, or I would have just steamrolled drankhof's idea instead of holding a poll vote in the first place. I even allowed the offenders themselves to vote, to make it all the more obvious when they predictably decided to be shady fucks over nothing.

    I wanted to show everyone who the real selfish entitled douchebags are that are constantly projecting that shit onto me because I decided to take responsibility for fixing something I actually love.

    Like a 10 year old, one of you walked right into it thinking they were slick. Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe a statistically improbable vote happened and I'll come out looking like the asshole. I'm willing to take that risk, the stakes are low and the verification test is easy.

    The beauty of this game is the competition for me. You wont understand why I DESIRE equal competition because you've never been on top of anything, you are always looking up at me with envy, and you will never catch me because that envy should be admiration; you should be learning from me and improving on things that I am not creative enough to think of myself.

    I am better than you at starkingdoms. This isnt a discussion. This has been proven over and over for decades. I dont need to cheat to win. I dont need to manipulate the game to win. In vacuums without cheating like EA and this round of SK, I am always rank 1 with no real competition except barry. I could beat you on hazzas fucking kd if I wanted to. Deal with it.

  • Keep talking about basic fucking rules when your group mate can't follow them.

    Until then, shut the fuck up.

  • how many bots did he hit? did he register his kd?

    those are MY rules, I dont give a fuck about anyone elses. The entire basis of enforcement is a fucking bot, you gonna complain rob has multiple kds next? Fuck off you brainlet, I am no hypocrite and you'll never succeed in painting me as one.

  • edited November 2018

    Sped. I get it. But seriously, what rmag did is no where near the level of advantage as you and a few others had hitting bots when everyone couldnt...
    Just cop it sweet.
    You are dead-set lucky with the result of the vote....
    And the early lands to help you set up your KD for where it is now on the ladder.

  • Mr Envious has to find some way to compete lol

  • @cumgitsum , @SpedSK 's argument just does not stick anywhere.

    changing sectors to my own advantage? Not really I would've been left at a huge disadvantage had I not re-created until I could land somewhere with an active enough SL.

    I can coordinate sector changes with Darius while Sped has to coordinate with the rest of the sector? Despite that as Darius said, he does what he wants, I've played many rounds where I got myself SL either from the start or through activity / being big / etc, and always managed to either coordinate or adapt to whatever the sector's strategy is.

    This has included things such as early mob to benefit a high DW sector, while I was TF all pop and had no need for mobi. Also, having to coordinate with an entire sector also means you have lots of people to share news and PAs with, which is an advantage in itself that definitely unsettles any advantage me and Darius might have by being just the two of us.

    I did not hit my other accounts until 3/4 days into the game, to make sure no one could accuse me of farming.

    @SpedSK is after one of two things here: attention or well, attention.

    I didn't seek an advantage, all I sought was to be on equal footing. I didn't even know I had landed in Darius' sector.

    To be honest I think he's just butthurt I'm playing with Darius & Barri rather than playing with TR as usual. And even more frankly, I did end up in Darius' sector, I'm not betraying my sector over any UA, which has been the position I've held for a long, long time.

  • edited November 2018

    You really think it was a big advantage to hit a bot?
    The bots were better defended with 1k land than most 1.5-2k landers where. I only hit a bot to not gang active players, but looks like that's the better thing to do.

    Btw the punishment of 72 hours not allowed to hit a bot now is hugh. Most active kd's have good defence now compared to the bots. A kd that is allowed to hit bots at this stage can gain at least 500 land a day from them.

    It is a far bigger advantage to be allowed to hit them now, than it was 3-5 days ago

  • Darius gains 500+ land from someone his group gangbanged but that's alright. He didn't gain an advantage from having to send next to no military for it.

  • edited November 2018

    why couldnt you hit that kd sped? is it because hes in your ua and you were setting him up to ruin me but barry got to him first? is that why youre mad about you specifically being unable to farm him and it ending up giving me an advantage you massive faggot?

    Youre so crystal clear obvious in your motivations for everything you say and do. At least be interesting for once

  • Sped seriously.

    The dude wasn't on my list to hit after tapping him once. In a sense protected, but a kd that gets hostile does not have free hits on me without consequence. Three hits is totally legit, he should have been better defended. He then sort revenge, allowing myself and riley to hit again and that went down a path where he had to be killed or allow him to keep hitting us. You are an idiot, we didn't just farm him down.

    And before you say darius double tapped cleros, any thoughts on myself being multied and then having your guy take advantage of that situation over me?

  • You sent out half your tanks to break Cleros did you not? PoC said he could of almost doubled you.

  • edited November 2018

    yes hes playing mysti for fun where that is the only way to make big hits, and mysticiding has been a lost art since the uni has gotten so small. I was going to rail cleros anyways with 0 defense out, your guys are just constantly ruining the mysticide fun barry is trying to have because you are mean people.

    if we actually wanted to trash you we'd have both me and barry run terra and riley running as dw. I have fucked up countless times this round, overslept the entire 2nd wave of hits and failed like 5 attacks due to lazy calcing. Do you have any clue how fucked you would be sped if we actually, really actually gave a single fuck

    poc also had triple my, the rank 1 kd's, offense, which btw is exactly why his land was so easy to get. You are whining like youre somehow being disadvantaged when your trashcan built dw buddies are taking down far better players than you.

  • Why are you replying to a question I asked Barricade?

    Arguing with you is no fun, your best insult is to call me a faggot or tell me to shut up. Both of us finished middle school a long time ago did we not?

    At least Barricade and RMag can go an entire post without name-calling.

    I'm done replying here, it's too easy to get you riled up. Keep telling the PFs how many fucks you've given this round, meanwhile you're on discord acting like this is your 2nd job.

  • This is basically my job. I work from home now but I don't like to get too distracted by engaging games like wow or civ 5, so I play this and treat the players of the game like my old office socially

    I call you a faggot because youre being one. Who else have I called a faggot or even insulted in the past 6 months? You're a whiny little envious effeminate bitchboy and you think its not obvious to everyone that observes you. You constantly talk shit on here because otherwise nobody would ever even notice you, sitting in the background like a little bitch, ignored, irrelevant, wishing you were a man

  • I sent many out yes and got doubled by a multi before poc, regardless you said we farmed poc. He hit me back, which allowed us to hit again. otherwise we would have let him be. you just proved my logic is sound.

  • Sorry. I lied. THIS is my last post.

    You were talking about Shapiro, Peterson, Obama and debate.

    You remind me of Zoey Tur. Quit letting your feelings get in your way.

  • I'm not debating you sped, I am verbally spanking you because you've been a bad boy

  • They cheat, hit the bots when it's not allowed, they they told don't hit them today, so they just look to the other active players for land imstrea.

    Should have been banned from making grabs unless they suicides or imactina.

  • @Hazza

    Cheat? Wtf are you talking about? You probaly where a far better hit, when I hitted a bot for 100 land. But I wanted to let players like you grow instead of ganging you, and now you whine.
    We had 0 benefit from attacking a bot, while there was far better hits.
    But if I play next round, I know what to do instead of hitting the bots!
    We can't hit bots now while you guys can, it should be a big benefit if I have to believe you. The benefit of hitting bots is far bigger now than at the start of the round (there defence is lower than other kd's now, while they were better defended at the start of the round)

  • edited November 2018

    Oh lol, drankhof ALSO hit a bot early? My god I thought he was a normal player just speaking up in their defense.

    My god, I allowed the offenders to come up with their own punishment, allowed them to vote for it themselves, let them get away with attempting to cheat the online poll, then me and all my friends abstained on top of it all.

    Simply incredible, I genuinely hope someone accuses me of being unfair and biased again

    So far sped n pals have

    1. Followed up on someone who fairly broke a proven multi AND was suicide broken by said multi + failed on by the main KD immediately after
    2. Gone full AT and chain smashed other, better kds, for fair grabs, then whined about it when they were farmed back down
    3. Explicitly broken EXTREMELY CLEAR rules they were 100% fully aware of that should have led to them being instakilled, but were spared by me actually desiring some semblance of competition
    4. Were only 'punished' for the PROVEN offenses, although it is well known they did it more than what they are being punished for.
    5. Renegotiated their own 'punishment' to still be in their benefit, as the earlier hits are preferential to later hits
    6. Blatantly cheated the online poll in their favor, were instantly called out for it because my IQ is 5x theirs and they did it all at once in the most obvious way imaginable
    7. Still allowed to vote on their own punishment EVEN AFTER BEING CAUGHT, where I again abstained
    8. Are still finding things to complain about lmfao

    I am really enjoying this, this must be what its like to be Trump. A literal force of good trying and succeeding in making things better for everyone being criticized as 'bad' by the literal forces of evil lmfao.

    What an interesting experience, what a beautiful game. Thank you @BCartfall , I owe more to you than you could possibly imagine

  • Darius,

    You know this punishment is more than enough. I agree with sped: you whete the only one getting very easy land, noone else had that benefit

  • edited November 2018

    Its not a punishment, you guys are actually all a team and will start chain tagging actives sending too much offense out on bots together instead. With bonus land from bots when everyone else was turtled up and defensive/starving for land, this is ending up an advantage lmao, which is why you proposed it in the first place. I was misled to believe you were a normal community member asking for fair play on their behalf.

    I was perfectly happy farming Cleros when nobody else could, and even passed up on more of the 2:20 AT's land at first to let him recover and call a truce. What prevented you from hitting the AT kd? I shared the som with plenty of people, it wasnt a secret. You were prevented from hitting him because hes on your team. Thats like me complaining I couldnt farm barry if he full suicided

    I let you all off way too easy, I wont be making that mistake again.

  • This reply is so much bullstih:
    - The bots have much less defence conpared to actives now. When I hit a bot they had same defence as actives with more land
    - I was the first one to hit Cleros, after thst you gangbanged him, what made him quit.
    - I never got the SOM from you. Probably because you wanted to devide it to your group mates

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