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New Universal Rules for Round 88 - Make Starkingdoms Great Again

I can write out a whole speech with a bunch of Trump style references to bots being illegals and building a wall and all that bullshit, but I am going to skip that for now and keep it simple.

I am of the belief that the only feasible solution to the ongoing issues of SK today is to treat Rob and his bot army as the acting admin. Anyone moderately aware of the history of SK knows that Rob and I do not get along in many instances. To be fair, I don't believe we differ on most fundamental opinions, but most of our conflicts come from clashing competitive egos, which is exactly what this game should be about. This also provides a degree of certainty of my motivations being for the benefit of the game as a whole and not some personal power grab in a meaningless text based game that died decades ago.

The goal here is NOT to sell you on this fundamental concept. I don't and we don't care about your opinion beyond helping shape the rules we can all agree to be bound to. For simplicity, we will have representatives from each major faction. If you would like to be a faction representative, you must provide a name for your faction as well as a full list of your team. This will also be important later on. If you are a solo player, you should identify yourself as such and elect a representative among yourselves. Without a defined list of members and a single representative, you will have no voice and will be completely ignored in the discussions. It is your own responsibility to represent your own opinions, not the burden of the group to ensure you are heard.

I propose myself as the fundamental leader and moderator for these discussions, mainly because I have a vision for this and I trust my own motivations. I also don't believe Rob will have any motivations to act in a way to benefit me or my team over anyone else. The final decision will be reached not through a group vote, but if Rob and I can agree to a universal set of conditions. In this way we are able to check and balance each other between legislation and execution. Nobody is going to ever acknowledge myself or Rob as the sole dictator of SK, but I believe people will be more inclined to trust our consensus. I would also happily propose an extended council, supreme court etc. But I don't think its necessary with our low population and would rather keep the system simplified for agility. For the record, I don't actually want this responsibility, but I would like to play a game similar to EA again and even the SK of today still has that same potential.

My faction consists of Myself, Barry, and Riley. I don't care about the name as it is just a genuine friendship at this point and neither do the other two, so we can use Team Darius for simplicity.

The first rule I am making (which is not up for discussion) is that if you do not directly identify your KD, linked to a PF name, linked to a faction, any unidentified kingdom will be flagged as a multi and killed immediately or as soon as possible. It is an absolute guarantee that no unidentified KD will survive the round. I do not care if the entire round is literally just me versus Rob with 500 bots. I will play that game and have more fun with it than SK in its current state.

@Pandask if you agree to the above, just make a post stating so. If you would like to make changes, please propose any corrections or clarifications you would like.

@Everyone Else, make a post as a faction representative and your full list of members & their PF name. We can use the already created player made rules as a baseline, and add Bot enforcement of those rules as a replacement of the alliances of the past.

Let's Make SK Great Again!



  • Also, if any mods are still around, a Sticky for this would be appreciated.

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    Again, I want to remind everyone as well; ignoring this post is not a possible solution and will not cause this idea to fail. This is your opportunity to shape the ruleset going forward. If you and your team squander it that is completely on you, and there will be no further negotiation or changes until either Rob or myself decide to quit playing.

    I also won't be having discussions with Rob anywhere except publicly, unless there is a genuine need for secrecy to protect someones location or something similar.

    Rob will be the sole holder of the full identified KD list. We will figure out some sort of third party or time released knowledge of where he is, to make sure he can't KD hop and claim it was him the whole time. Of course, I'm sure he could cheat the system if he wanted to, but there would be no glory in that and if Rob is the person I think he is, he won't see the point.

  • Like I said I'm willing to give it a chance. The rules sound fine. The only thing that may be a problem is the current issue with not being able to register an account on the forums.

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    I think thats a feature, not a bug. From someone who is currently facing that exact issue;

    September 22, 10:11:04 Newbie (1:4) Darius i was just reading your pf posr, what if you cant actually post in pfs, as others like myself have no way to?
    September 22, 10:11:31 Newbie (1:4) I sign up as its broken.... cant
    September 22, 10:11:53 Newbie (1:4) Apologies for the dyslexic keyboard x
    September 22, 10:14:08 Newbie (1:4) Id suggest a regdirect advertisement by admin (yourselves that peiple can copy and paste on fb to brung in new players once syst
    September 22, 10:14:36 Newbie (1:4) That last part was once system has been implemented

    In a PM, after I asked him to expand his proposal in more detail

    I have a first idea for this, as this game is quite a niche game and is usually either an invite only game or a returning player game then someone with some social media skills could set up a dedicated Facebook page or a dedicated website with a redirect link to the game from there, all rules could be laid out on said website including a profile etc (go mad with that one lol). Admin for said website would then have access to the list of KDs assigned to each profile or even an IP match (i know Rob uses those). It would be the job of all SLs or even a sector bot job of posting in the sector forums to inform any players outside of the loop to sign up to the website. One advantage of a website over a FB page would be a secure subsection for groups, i.e. TR, MY, FC(lol). As i type this I cant help thinking of Danks history with websites and social media, only as i dont know any of the other players skill sets.....

  • Newbie, is this something you’re capable of? Or anyone else in the community? I don’t have a frame of reference for the difficulty

  • Honestly I'm kind of thinking fuck this universal ruleset bs

    I say we just say fuck it. @Pandask make your bots next round and people can either submit their location or die. We will rebuild the game from there. I'm sure people will try to resist but next round itll be fair players + rob bot vs multis/bots/cheaters and maybe thatll be fun in its own way

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    Err, no. I'll tell you what the problems is. UAs. You target, one of their members, are not part of one, or a friend of one of their members and you get botted, or gangraped.

    I was playing, but was hit excessively, despite my leaving any actives alone.

    I was "just some guy"

    What this game needs is the uas dissolving, so that ua members get more targets.

  • I quit, as got hit 3x in a couple hou5 due to some sharing in their UA, then when I recovered, 1.3 started hitting me. So I decided screw it, what's the point.

  • I disagree. This game is inherently social and political, and you can't outlaw external collaboration. There arent enough players for alliances anymore so the remainder is UAs. You get dunked on every round because you suck at this game Hazza.

  • I approve this message

  • While I don't like the proposed process it's certainly alot better than what we are currently dealing with.

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    What about new players who are now unable to create a pf account?

    Edit saw someone already mentioned it

  • we'll just have some sort of extreme vetting system for people without current pf accounts

  • I'm all for having a legit list of kds that are hidden but known to Rob. The better recent rounds have been with Rob using his bots to remove kds that match and are obvious multis. With this list, most of these would not be allowed to grow. They can still be created and do dmg out of newbie, but if Rob is switched on he could lessen the damage. I also think having bots allows players to feed on much needed land from time to time. Otherwise it turns into a feed frenzy.

    I also feel like I would treat those in this list with more respect, hitting others over them depending on their military of course. Trying to restrict hits on them etc

    I don't know a way around the PF problem though.

  • I mean, this is almost an exact replica of my idea from the thread Wobba Treaty of 2018, the biggest issue was that players still refused to identify themselves/couldn't create a PF name. I pushed for a round of total transparency but UAs will inevitably multi those that challenge their hold, they've spent years dissolving the community here and now there's maybe 30 of us left.

    The ball is in the UAs court, they've all collected won and eliminated the goodwill that once existed in this game, basically we're just hoping UAs feel like playing a different way AND we're banking on Rob actually being willing to police the uni.

    Whatever choice is made, the outcome will be the same. No one will come back, a couple more will leave every year, maybe a couple visit for a round once a year, the same people end in the top 5, once we hit 5k land the game just sorta floats until it's over, and we sign up next round.

  • I will most likely start eliminating any non inactive kingdoms not on the list right out of newbie mode to avoid any surprise attacks by hidden multis.

    I'm also gonna work on increasing the number of Bsgids I have available to use. This way I can remove any potential multi armies faster, which will in turn minimize the amount of damage they can do to legit players.

  • I agree to the proposed idea from darius. However with the condition Rob should avoid in creating an active kingdom ingame. Problem often occurred when there is a role conflict in any situation.

  • I don't think thats fair to rob. I'd actually value his competition and having a KD will keep him actively engaged.

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    @Pandask can the community help you by creating bsgids, is that manual for you or easy with the bot?

    Actually that might be a bad idea, cause then half the army would be able to be "hacked" by creators

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    @Wobbajobblar You're right, it totally is. I wonder if I came up with this independently or the seed was planted in my mind by your post.

    However, I would say the key difference is in my approach. It's not a community agreement, which is worthless and impossible to reach. It is framed as an agreement between myself and Rob, which is much easier to establish and implement.

    In typing this out I thought of something new: if ANYONE in your faction/UA is caught cheating, the entire team is obliterated.

    That will turn the tendency of UAs to encourage cheating into a disadvantage. It will be really obvious with the KD list.

    I'd say the main flaw in this plan is the access to bots by the MY players/large groups of manual multis/etc. I think we should have a full server reset and community signups once a month rather than the round lengths determined by Bcart. If Rob has enough BSGid's he can fight enemy bots the entire round as well as force a full reset at will.

    If the enemy has no bots, anyone working manually will be simply overwhelmed with little payoff. The manual multis are scary because theyre unstoppable by fair players, but theyre little more than food for a bot army.

    If the enemy has bots, all they can do is attempt to disrupt the game out of spite. Eventually that will get boring and they will assimiliate, or just be a bunch of terrorists. Either way, Rob + the community will be the Mattis to their ISIS.

    Also, Rob; I'm not sure how the bot works or how you're building them now, but if it is just a preset group of commands/actions, I have a way to make the bots INCREDIBLY strong and effective for this type of purpose out of newbie mode. You can pm me for more detail on that.

  • you say i suck? i just build goons/LDs and no limited tanks.

    so I am never going to be the biggest here...

    before I quit I had 10k goons, 22k LDs and 6k tanks, with 5or6k scientists.or something like that. was playing mount.

    if i restart,and use the name Zaxx Fair, will i be left to grow by the bots, or will I be raped again??

  • Hazza, you are not placing yourself at some sort of extra disadvantage by not building tanks. You suck because you clearly dont understand the subtle intricacies of the game, as proven by that statement. You also never listen to good advice which is why I'm just being a dick here

    I think you are probably the least intentionally attacked player in the game, because there is literally no glory in rolling you.

    Your mili size doesnt matter at any point. Your mili should be based on the mili of the other kds with an incentive to hit you. That requires skill to optimize and is what differentiates great players from average ones. When I play the game I literally play with the handicap of having to have a 100% suicide-proof from every dw with goons and tanks defense the entire game, just because I'm me. I literally cant build a single goon till 2k land most games, even when I have a huge lead.

    Don't post your name publicly, just pm it to rob next round and youre good.

  • I had 10% TCs too. Dispite doing so means I have less population to make into soldiers.

  • Also why next round? Can't I remake, and pm Rob the name this one?

  • You can remake this round... Rob isn't killing everyone this round.

  • Then why are so many being killed? I went for 35-40s to 15ish before I deleted.

  • Probably multi's

  • I remember saying I miss having more I miss the luxury of even having galaxy 2

  • For the pf problem maybe have a we chat verification or some chat app

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