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New Universal Rules for Round 88 - Make Starkingdoms Great Again



  • I refuse to use, aim, team talk, discord, etc. It's very 2002-2005 era...

  • I'll join a FB group we all have that...

  • With FB, just post group link here, and have a question, asking for a password, the admin can then approve entry, admin being Darius & Rob.

  • I don't have Facebook Hazza. Isnt that a different era too?

  • Barricade, everyone uses FB. Even my 70 year old parents,

  • From Roi; if RO comes back they’re on board basically

    Hi Darius

    just to give you that info.After reading a few PF posts.
    I personal think the try to admin the game by some rules and support that by Bots may be a good way atm.
    Of course it will not solve all problems in one rush as there are still the problem if then a UA burns a player you can not do anything against it. Also the SL and a sector enhancements still will be a big problem in a low populated game.

    Also I wanted to say I think no RO included me did really play in one of the last two rounds and possible will come back very fast. Our FB group still exists but did had not talk since April.

    Have a nice day and Good luck

  • @Barricade I would say PF post or facebook verify will work. It shouldnt be overly complex and we dont need to cater beyond that to anyone because I am making this shit up and I gain nothing from my efforts

  • @Hazza I really don't think as many people use facebook as you think. I know I forget it even exists.

  • From Newbieprt3: Wobba, regarding rob and darius's plan for a fair sk, ive looked into the Fb side of things and it would work if Rob opened a page and people go to said page and message him their kd name he could complile a list of legit kingdoms. The website side of the idea im still looking into as my time on an actual computer is limited to say the least.

    Could you pass that on please as i cant get on pfs.

  • @ Darius

    With all the innovations of humanity, how are you this fuckin bored?

  • I get what your point is from when I took that shot at you, but honestly I'm not bored, I have plenty to keep me entertained and busy tbh. I've just been watching a lot of Jordan Peterson. He constantly says to "clean your own room first" and SK is something that has been a big part of my life personally. It also gives me a solid basis for keeping in contact with two of my best friends on this planet, Riley and Barry.

    This is just a nice thought experiment for me to determine my personal leadership capabilities. If I can't even find a solution to fix SK, should I be leading anything? If I can, what else should I take charge of in my life?

    Highly recommend his works, the man is brilliant. I think I would've reached the same conclusions over time but he is capable of articulating concepts in a way that is one of the most genuine examples of human brilliance I have ever seen.

  • Hazza's roast actually made me laugh

  • I just copy pasta'd for the luls. You went next level.

  • I literally always go next level Sped. Thats my personality

  • I think we need to find you some new hobbies bud

  • edited September 2018


  • edited September 2018

    tl;dr = darius wants to validate his value. panda wants to be glory holed. rest of you want to play without being insta-killed.

    don't blame any of you. i think this was best (recently) when we had active clones. even those are short lived, for whatever reason (life, loss of interest, lack of players). bean had something really good going but I understand these kind of things are hard to stay passionate about, especially when you're the admin who can't be part of the fun. plus there is little to no pay off from the players who mostly are ungrateful and entitled. Which I'm sure is how Bcart felt once upon a time, then we got a hold of his personal info and started calling his house, digging deeper. I would of ghosted you guys too haha.

    Hope it works out. I may give it a shot one last time.

  • Im still not sold on the facebook thing still very easy to abuse especially for third worlders who don't have distinct or established in-game personalities

  • Maybe facebook verify + a list of KD names, not really sure but we need something more

  • PF account, Facebook(eh, thats just ugly), Discord, All major factions verify the player.

    I like the idea of verifying each player.

  • Oh discord is definitely interesting idea

  • We can set up a discord server with locked faction rooms, that would be an awesome way to hang out with each other like we havent seen since IRC

  • I don't have discord..

  • @Hazza Full TC's on a goon/ld KD is only part of your problem :neutral:

  • I am sick of SK's evolution of cheating.
    I am up for this proposal.... It can't be any worse than it is.
    And if said players keep to agreements... it can only get better.

  • Seems the High population and robbing of the bots helped loads.

    getting over 1k land from them over 8 WLs didn't hurt lol.

  • No secret here. I elect Rob and will do his bidding if I play, be warned.

  • Why cant you quote? that just sucks.

    you can download Discord via the interwebs. Its free. Its nice. Better than Aim ever was.

    stop trying to help hazza play, it doesnt work. People have tried.

    There arent any other candidates around so +1

  • yeah, i know i have tried it. several games i play use it.

  • Nice, im in.

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