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Star Kingdoms - Round 86 - Era of Hyperspace Flux

Round 86, the Era of Hyperspace Flux has arrived. For this round all kingdoms will suffer a penalty of +25% Attack Time.

[The planet type changes for Round 86 are as follows:]



Round 86 - Scheduled Dates:

Round starts: June 24, 2018 @ 9PM.
Round ends: August 30, 2018 @ 9PM.


  • Wtf is this shit

  • Debates a f&w lol.

  • @bcartfall explain yourself bruh

  • Dis cunt

  • Bcart lets make is game even more terrible to play......

  • edited June 2018

    @BCartfall fix serious bugs:
    1. new round is not fully reset - newbie mode is 92 hours and cash is 500000, not 175000.
    2. Nobody can register new user to the forums, because of recaptcha bug

    p.s. would be so nice to balance Planet types, e.g. Terra is way too overpowered (look at last round top 10 largest kingdoms).

  • edited June 2018
    1. Fix broken reward link, voting does not let to take money reward...
  • edited June 2018

    why do you even bother posting Omni?

    i know this post isnt any better, but you should know allready that Bcart doesnt listen to us.

  • Star Kingdoms - Round 86 - Era of Nerfdom.
    For fuck sakes...

  • Playing this round Chris?

  • Damo, you damn kangaroo ufc fighter

    How are ya?

  • edited June 2018

    In semi-retirement these days mate.... I leave that kanga fighting to the joung joeys mate... to much hard work for an old tick-infested old man in this heat :blush:
    Miss your antics mate. Hope to see you in game!

  • oh wow I miss EA.

    Damn +30% - 90% goon cost.
    +20% research on TFs.
    +25% - 20% on mountain.

    just crazy.

  • shhh... my guide still exists

  • @Hazza - thank god for that. Now i just need to get my SK extension working again. I wonder why it broke :( oh well at least Sci's is working!

  • Yeah I fucked EVERYONE up with my ocean kd

  • And everyone fucked you back.

    Oceanic was OP endgame to be fair

  • Nah if I am remembering correctly my ocean KD was completely untouched and I had like a 30-40% lead on rank 2. I dominated at least one round completely

    I think a VI kd I made was pretty dominant for the majority of a round, but I ended up half dead at the end after a brawl with LT or Gregs crew

  • What you do play is a very good game of politics. Somehow you got my VSL to snitch on my army composition because your probes couldn't get through my top probe DW right after 24h of pushing goons, and yet you manage to break me while my WLs were out because you were massing O, while everyone else was massing D cus top DW got scary goons.

  • I appreciate the compliment and am impressed by your memory! Its been a little too long since those days for me to remember details, but that sounds like something I would do.

    SK is truly a brilliant game concept with such simple base mechanics and yet infinite outcomes due to player personalities

  • I doubt I'll forget that one, was my first shot at #1 >.>

    Often I do wonder if this game is actually worth reviving. I can hardly picture it as a mobile game because it involves too much spreadsheeting and planning to actually have a chance at winning. My brain keeps playing around with the thought of how to re-design it, without it losing what makes it so good, and yet making it mobile friendly.

  • Anyone else notice this is the same "bonus" as round 51

    Getting real creative Bcart!

  • Also reset the fuckin round already

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