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Can you pussies not use multis and fight like the men you probably identify as but will never be



  • viva, you are like ebola to all kd's you get

  • Only 2 half decent RO kds left to choose from... Both in my sector.
    So, yes plz.... take it :)

  • It's not a RO kingdoms it's a hall of residents account

    So it won't be an account you think that's for sure

    Anyway I am just clearing my last I. P histories then will log in

  • I wonder how long it will take for everyone to know it is you running that kingdom

  • When I get rank 1

  • in your wet dreams :D

  • So Viva, you don't think we will ever know it is you running that kingdom.

  • Viva is using sales techniques to defend his kingdoms. Funny stuff.

  • edited May 2018

    Anyone seen Ricky Gervais's "An Idiot Abroad"?.... Very enlightening :smiley:

  • I prefer to think of it as Karl Pilkington's Idiot Abroad. Later, Karl makes a new show called the Moaning of Life where he goes back out into the world.

    I think it's funny how travel really does open the mind to new experiences and changes a person. Pilkington is a great example. In the first season of Idiot Abroad (and somewhat in the second and third) he's very adamant about not wanting to travel to new places or do new things but he later goes back across the world in Moaning of Life on his own free will, knowing what it entails and not being tricked. Granted, he will always prefer being home with a cup of tea but the change in his personality is evident.

  • nah, fuck em tho

  • edited May 2018

    Yeah Wobba. I agree with broadening one's horizons...
    I think Viva "Pilkington" should travel some more.
    Mebee he will realise his self-assessed attempts @ intelligence fall short of fooling 95% of the world's population, and he's not fooling anyone here?

  • how do u plan to get rank 1 when rank 1 is me viva?

  • Looking at top 10 im not seeing how Viva could even come close to #1...

  • nah, he might be rank 1 or close to it in Networth/Land Ratio

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