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Can you pussies not use multis and fight like the men you probably identify as but will never be



  • viva why do you always bring up rl shit?

  • @dariusayyy it's kinda on me this time bro . I've been egging the dumbass on

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    I was about to post the same thing, Darius. Viva, this is a fucking online text-based computer game. Why are you bringing up personal shit and wanting to fight in-person? It's just weird. This is just a GAME. Chill out.

  • Guys don't reason with him it's funny watching him tip over the ledge

  • Ill fight both tj and daniel same time. Ram daniels ugly fucking head (seriously his head looks like a smashed bag of wet cement) up tjs busted arsehole. Online superhero nerds

  • @dae shhhhh little Hobbit the only thing you're busting up is flour .. online super hero hobbits :wink:

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    Send him to Oz Teej .... We Aussies love to show the pomms a guuuud time.
    Especially short, fat, bald, illiterate, anemic ones. Soft fuckers.

  • The SAS would have something to say about that. The best in the world.

  • Dubzzz
    April 30
    Pretty sure its lovsan since darius hit him then all this happened :pensive:

    sorry but it wasnt me, i just came home and the guys even in the facebook group are blamin me, i dont have multies this round , i parely have any interest in even playin this round, i attack like once in 2 days, i wasted too much time allready in the past 2 rounds. I diddnt give a shit when darius attacked me, it happens , i can take a hit like man, and as you see im not even trying to play this game currenly.

    come accuse me next time if you can prove something.

  • Like I said in pm, I believe lovsan I don’t think it’s him

    Just means there’s a mystery of who the biggest faggot in all of sk is.. who wants to step up and take credit? Sped tried to but I ignored him lol maybe it was his or his friends after all

  • Such a shame this happened :(

  • Well funny thing after accusing Lovsan i get multied hahahahah

  • honestly sped I dont even care if it was you, it just goes from annoying to sad.. I really hope it was haha

  • Dubzzz
    Well funny thing after accusing Lovsan i get multied hahahahah

    sorry to hear that, anyways i have nothing to do with it, i dont even know what kd you are.

  • hahaha no worry lovsan im pretty sure its RO at this point

  • Why would you think it's us we have nothing against you guys

  • Just for the record, Im the multi lord..... Cats out of the Hat... or Rabbit or is it out of the bag?

  • OK well done for being honest

    So it's Team Ron

  • I dont think its RO tbh

    Who cares at this point, we win again lol

  • Yeah like i said to sped byt the 1 million nw range its gets boring would be better to have short rounds like EA

    Yeah darius i'll take it as a W

  • edited May 2018

    Hahaha sure its "TR" always when it comes to you Viva. Why would we need multies when we're obliterating you every Rd? Funny how every Rd we get multied but never you Daniel. Unless of course you go after moony when he plays here n there. I've proven my point this Rd, I showed up and literally out built all of you turtly bs players.

    Nothing against 80% of RO. Most of that lot seems like stand up fellas who get shafted bc they let a weasel like Daniel in their ranks. You are a proven cheat, you hit kds that have been multied... you get loads of free land from suiciders / kds multied down almost every Rd and you still lose every damn rd. Seriously I will take a few rds off from here on

    Inger, Highwind, Roii, Dobrota, Cyborgzz. I've been fighting you guys for way too many years so nothing but respect to you but fuck Viva

  • I am sure I've won more rounds than you.

  • never a dull moment in the pfs. good read at game halftime.

    to be on topic, can't the new Dogbots be Civic's ? or what was that guys name ? just askin'

  • Only in your delusional mind Viva. Any round u survived you cheated. That makes you a pathetic cunt but definitely not a winner

  • it was me, i did it

  • Fuck you meadows, dont take my thunda

  • Meadows man
    GInger puss
    Proper stinking fanny

  • Viva... Little dick... Small arms... Most likely a cross dresser. Breathe smelling like he sucking dick and don't spit. Worst kd builder in RO, basically ROs downfall and a garbage troll. Can't win a Rd legit or cheating. Pathetic lad really. Prolly jerks off to cuck porn with a butt plug in. Definitely not a alpha, would have to work super hard just to be a beta male

  • @greg. You don't have to insult daniel mate. His ugly fkn smashed beanbag head is all the insult he needs.

  • Well then he shouldn't be a scumbag cunt to women. Dudes a fucking disgrace

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