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Hey Tmonsta



  • Congrats TJ! That's awesome!
  • Congrats TJ! That's awesome!
    Thanks buddy :D how have things been going with you? and for the record its not the same terrible chick from years ago ditched that one after being on and off for a solid 5 years and met the new lady about 2 and a half years ago.. but im 28 shes 30 (although i thought she was at least 24 when i met her), so I figured it be a good idea to start eventually doing this family thing.. and also i am no longer a massive stoner... surprise surprise :P
  • I'm doing good and living in Nashville now.
  • no longer massive stoner? madness.
  • no longer massive stoner? madness.
    Yea man I stopped because of work.. I went from smoking a joint or bong hit every few hours.. to maybe taking a hit every 3 months when I happen to be around a friend doing it
  • hi
    Hi! wow you have a high post count. How long you have played?

    Just to join in the convo, I am engaged and getting married May 6th. (so don't hit me that day, you stone cold bastards!)
  • Post counts are worthless.
  • Well played...
  • I thought so
  • Turns me on when you abuse ur power :)
  • You must be turned on 24/7
  • Yessir! Half mast
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