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The pop loss formula

edited September 2011 in Game Talk
Does anybody have the poploss formula saved?


  • =+ Changes for Round 9 (Last Revised: August 18, 2005)

    + Population

    - If (residences + barracks) < 4% of total land your people begin to lose faith in your leadership and defect:

    If (land < 1000)

    Land / 4 OR Population * .025-0.05 (Whichever causes the kingdom to lose more population)

    Else If (land < 5000)

    Land / 6 OR Population * .025-0.05 (Whichever causes the kingdom to lose more population)

    Else If (land < 50000)

    Land / 8 OR Population * .025-0.05 (Whichever causes the kingdom to lose more population)

    Else (anything over)

    Land / 10 OR Population * .025-0.05 (Whichever causes the kingdom to lose more population)
  • Silent noob going r/r already :-))
  • Quite the opposite actually, planning on fighting certain KDs when they go R/R
  • maybe some already are...

    you got sob of the top 10 yet?
  • I'm doing it with a friend atm.

    Will not reveal but his pretty high up.
  • This isn't true btw. The whole (res+barracks)<4%... It's still unknown what causes the land/x formulas. It used to be theorized that it only takes into account the residences, once theorized at 3.35% or less. However I've gotten into that formula as high at 6.8% just as recently as last round when I was endgaming. I know for a fact that it has to do something with whether you have free land, buildings into production, and some other factors but I haven't been able to pinpoint it.

    BTW, it's not necessarily that. the land/x formula only goes into effect if the result is more than 3-5% of your population. Every tick the game figures out a random percentage between 3-5% and chooses between the two formulas and whichever is higher then it chooses that.

    Example: If it chooses 3.2% one tick and land/6 is higher then it chooses land/6, but next tick if it chooses 4.9% and land/6 is lower than that it goes with 4.9%.

    Your poploss can never be less than 100, thus if 5% of your pop equals something like 80 and land/x is lower or higher or whatever then the game defaults to 100.

    In addition if the land/x forumla is inapplicable because it hasn't met the threshhold (whatever the hell it is) then the game chooses between 100 default and % formula. This happens during pks occasionally and WGs and ALs scream POPBUG because they don't understand it.

    Example: a 9,000 land kingdom is kidnapped down to 2000 population and has significant overflow to die. Land/4 is 2250 so he should die, right? 5% of 2000 is 100, the default is 100, and 2250 is higher than both. But what if Land/4 is inapplicable? I've seen people try to pk thinking that you only need to account for overflow, that is, res space+barrack space-military units<1. They think they save pas for kidnapping by not arsoning or only arsoning enough. This is faulty because more likely than not land/x is not available. It only works because sometimes they arson say to... 8% and then the missiles destroy sufficient residences (maybe barracks too) to get them below say 4%. Then when the kd loses only 100 pop they wonder why. Here's a hint to people for the purpose of pks: If the player has no open land and has no residences in production BE VERY CAUTIONED. I believe that the threshhold is similar to the building destruction formula when you use missiles. (Missiles take into account open land. Think about it. Missiles destroy a proportion of land so how can your residences ever drop below 5% otherwise? The same proportion will always be destroyed. It configures a hidden percentage of buildings already built versus the empty/building upon land.)

    My theory is that Bcart messed up a long time ago and accidentaly put in that the percentage lost was based on already built land only and based it upon the amount of total land and used percent built+building/land for the other side of the equation. Notice how trying to pk someone with no land being built on affects this.
  • MalMal
    edited September 2011
    Here's a funny note also to people doing r/r and similiar strats. When I failed a pk some rounds ago (due to him signing on) the person decided to raze all his residences and pump his barracks in defense. His barrack capacity was super low, like 70%. He thought he was unPKable because of his rack capacity and that missiles were useless.

    Think about that. 0 res, even 1 million barracks STILL LEAVES NO ROOM FOR POPULATION.

    A few max pop missile strikes and kidnaps later he died with his barrack capacity around 70%
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