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You is stupid

edited July 2012 in Game Talk
Why you run ugliest internet forum for do you like it?


  • Me spreaken de engrish real goos
  • still on the meth mate?
  • Are you all on meth is that why you think thus is videos gaming
  • no, we are on crack
  • Wus wrong with your avatard it looks stupid
  • I see you typing but all I can read is DUH DUH DUH I'M GAY, DUH DUH DUH, YOUR GAME SUXORZ DUH DUH DUH

    Do yourself, your fam, and your comunity a HUGE favor and leave
  • Go smokey meths and bathsalt capcom with your boyfriend
  • Go smokey meths and bathsalt capcom with your boyfriend
    Actually please keep posting, I'm dying of laughter right now
  • Cyborg pleze hit this guy with your magic stick
  • I found this game searching for ogame tools. I think this is the worst game on the internet. Did this community arrive on a short bus? After reading your threads I have come to the conclusion this is some type of cult and has nothing to do with gaming. Are you all scientologists or masons? Do you have set date to kill yourselves and return to your home planet?
    suddenly you cant type?

    worst troll ever, go back to your main, this account is boring
  • Teh longr hear dmberz u mking m3
  • Are you the admin?
  • Dank, enough with the charades.
  • edited July 2012
    Charades are you being homosexual? Who keep scores?
  • Just saying goodbye. Im not one to make these threads. Ill miss a few but mostly I cant stand you posers. I think the games degenerated to the point that you have to be an idiot to play. Ill swing by and read any comments but this is my last sk post. Later to the kewl peeps and fuck you to the idiots that ruined the game. I cant be bothered to waste time trolling here further.
  • What if you could not trust trolls. What if wizard gave brain to you?:
  • Post fotos these forum smiles are 1980.
  • y u no stfu?
  • Why you drink girls brew?
  • Why you drink girls brew?
  • edited July 2012
    Pretty much sums up EVERYTHING about this game :P

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