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WWVII: SK Version Signups!

edited July 2012 in General
Going to test out my newest rule set in the pfs, featuring all of your best friends!

Here are some of the roles featured:
Player Characters:

Omni: Always knowing how to play the winning side, this LT villain knew how to make himself almost impossible to KT, and always survives the first time people try to kill him.
Kesha: This infamous multier uses his bots to control the flow of the game at strategic times, giving him the power to choose one day where his vote counts as 2 instead of 1.
Tex: This multi farmer keeps his eyes and ears open, using his multis to gather information about his enemies in order to bring them down from the shadows.

Dank: Dank is a psychopath who has styled himself as a dark hero like Batman. Also like Batman, he has a nifty utility belt full of useful powers. He can use one item off his tool belt every night. Playing as a 3rd party, Dank can achieve an independent win by having all LT members die before himself. (This role has a one-shot usage of any other town power.)

SK Community
Sephiroth: I'm number one! ...Um,if this player has the top NW of all the players in the game at the end of each day, he gains immunity from being lynched or night killed.
Guardia Imperial: Puppy noses are good for sniffing out secrets, and Guardia is the best puppy of them all, able to sniff out the role of one player per night.
Fepo: This manipulative AL is well known for taking some ethical shortcuts... If he can match a player's name to his role correctly, he gains the power to either kill the player, or take control of his night action.
DarkFort: Has a cannon, doesn't care, shoots one person per night
Cere4l: Cere4l promised to stay neutral as a Mod, but the ability to abuse his powers to silence one person a day was just too tempting...
FadeToBlack: This nursing school graduate now has a demanding job saving the life of one person a night as SK's sole medical staff.

Depending on how many people sign up, I have more names to add in. :)


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