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PoS game



  • That's cute danks bitch is standing up for him.
    No, what's cute is how you enter a thread and flirt with your boyfriends 10 times a day.

    Be right back, need to throw up..
    Keep grasping at straws. I think its funny.

    Dank already thinks he a super hero and now that your teaming up with him that makes you his little side kick. The super hero team of a total retard and the biggest raging nerd on the internet.

    Is this the part where you threaten to beat me up irl or where dank calls me LT and says I have multis?
  • Dogtown's an LT cocksucker that protects multis. I bet IRL skydragon would whoop his ass.
  • Dank doesn't have to say you have multi's. Most SK players do, so that question is pointless. And combined with the fact that AL's defend multi'ing faggots who they're friends with leaves little hope for the rest of us playing legitimately.

    And no, I'm not going to threaten to beat you up. Lynog and Kesha are the only ones I'd honestly bother with, not third-rate losers like you.

    For the record, I don't rage either. The other thread was quite funny because you idiots were taking it so seriously. Me and my mates here were just laughing at the stupidity of it all. Hope to do it again some time. :-)
  • this guy wont fight with bad builders on sk, they arent worth his time. HAHAHA what a tool
  • LOL
    Im the best person ever.
    Bro.....i know right, if i were female id be a hell slut
  • You don't have "mates" no need to lie.

    So take Your multis elsewhere ya farming dank lover.

    And dank put your tin foil hat back on please. I can tell they are scrambling your brain again.
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    Im the best person ever.
    Bro.....I know right, if I were female I'd be a hell of a slut
  • edited June 2012
    A wild skydragon appears.


    Followed by his butt buddy dank!

  • this guy wont fight with bad builders on sk, they arent worth his time. HAHAHA what a tool
    Lynog, you're just a douche with access to Kesha's bot server and now thinks he's King when without it, you're just a shit player. Fact.
  • Some lame pictures
    No-one cares, mate. Get lost.
  • I've played sk for the last 4 rounds now cause my friend asked me to and ever since I started playing I read the pfs and listened to ur garbage dank so I am dedicating my first and only post to u. I hate reading ur pathetic posts. I lose brain cells n iq points every time my eyes come across the shit that u spew from that cum guzzling mouth of yours. Please for your sake and for my brain cells sake stop posting
    this person has quality, exactly how i feel, except I dont read his posts lol
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    retard rager and dipshit dank

    I care what you say and I have no friends. Coming to the pfs and raging is the only form of attention I get besides how my dad used to touch me. I pick fights, yell at everyone and use the same comeback in every post. Abuse me more please.

    We already knew this bro.
  • edited June 2012
    Don't have tinfoil today I'm doing a starwars theme for the weekend.


  • I was going to ask you reckon he could "force" her for a gobby then was like wait a minute isn't she his daughter o.O i guess if they lived in Southern America it wouldn't count right?
  • All I can say right now is, INCEST!
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