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Alliances are extra gay this round thanks to multis making the real players so dispersed.
I say we make a universal sox thread.

Post kd name, coords, and sox.

Note: If we are worried about GBs, you can post your alliance so the KD is only hit 3 times per. Sounds fair.


  • I'm in.
  • I remember a time when posting coords in PFs was a dick move what happened?
  • A mod decided it was no longer applicable, so really theres no downside. This is just smart imo.
  • Just don't post me or I'll have you KT'd.
  • TBH I made this for the boobs who dont have AIM blasts and friends who share soms. Im looking out for the little guys :)
  • i dont see this taking off
  • Oh shit. Everybody post Zeal's SoX
  • I can see this being a huge uni gangbang on KDs posted here.
  • Yea I feel like there's a really thin but important line being crossed with this thread.
  • Only post multis?
  • My interest in sk has reached an all time low, seems like a good way to get more lolz.
  • might as well rename the topic "Rage Quit" if thats the case :P
  • Haha I dont see any rage involved, quite the polar opposite in fact. people will rage when their soms re posted here, I think it will be highly enjoyable ;)
  • Zeal i see where you are coming from, and your logic is sound.

    However, there will be major issues when the Kd is posted here and in one or two alliance forums, and so many people will forget to check here and their forums to see if a third hit was posted.

    And all sox I will post will be adjusted to make you either A. send major overkill, or B. make you fail :) hehehehehe
  • Like I said post me up and KT KT KT!

  • Name: General Wilson

    Land: 275
    Networth: 18,797
    Honor: 1,200
    Money: 34,631
    Power: 2,423
    Population: 2,344

    MA Protection: 0%
    Planet Type: Oceanic

    Soldiers: 218
    Troopers: 0
    Laser Troopers: 250

    Tanks: 0
    Scientists: 10
    Probes: 0
  • I foresee no issues.
  • I foresee issues.
  • You would seeing as your sok is likely to be here :p
  • July 6, 16:35:53 xxxx (xxxx) Spy on Military The probes have come back with a report that is 100% accurate:

    Home Leader War Leader #1 War Leader #2 War Leader #3 War Leader #4
    Soldiers 2,785 1,791 0 0 0
    Troopers 209 188 0 0 0
    Dragoons 172 150 0 0 0
    Fighters 207 186 0 0 0
    Laser Troopers 268 0 0 0 0
    Laser Dragoons 241 0 0 0 0
    Tanks 329 306 0 0 0
    Tactical Fighters 319 268 0 0 0

    Hehe epic sox this fella has. Playing the good ol' noobie tactic of having everything.
  • Not very much of everything either, lol.
  • edited July 2012
    I remember a time when posting coords in PFs was a dick move what happened?
    An actual MOD posted me as KT in the PFs and stickied the fuckin thread as an announcement

    So fuck the rules haha
  • Not very much of everything either, lol.
    At least 2 of each. Perhaps its a sign...
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