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SKLONE = WOW = i wish i had this 10 years ago!

All I'm saying is...for a decade plus we begged bcart to fix/enhance/modernize the game...

the result = we went from 10k+ players to whatever you have now.


has created and done all that we asked the starkingdoms to become...go check it out, modern looking, has a more sexy interface, it has races, and planet changes, and modifications, etc.

I'm not really in the know on the politics here or the dumb game factions that develop, but dank has made a great game, go check it out and help it grow/dev somemore! im so happy he transformed our game into something more modern and playable.

donate to if you have some spare change too, i will, but not the point of this post or whatever. im sure, 3 people might read this! haahahaa


  • edited October 2022

    Thank you for the kind words Veii. SKlone is one of the original clones and was created by Killpeppers and SkUnDeRdOgS. They are still here and the project is better than ever. The community has rebuilt this game and if I drop names I'd leave far too many out. Come and see the completed version.

    BCart wherever you are we wish you the best and hope you are happy.

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