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What happened here?

Just checking in for the first time in 7 years - a year later than I said I would.

Looks like this game died in 2020 and round 93 was the last? I'm surprised that it lasted so long. The community was toxic for way too long before I decided to call it a day. I can't even remember which round was my last - somewhere around 2008. It looks like Dank was the only person still playing last year. He must have played more rounds than anyone.

I hope everyone has moved on to better things. I got myself a PS5 last year and I'm enjoying single player games.



  • go to

    and get discord.

  • It's good to see someone has made an effort to continue the game in some form. Though I have no interest in playing. I don't have time for games like this any more. I was just checking in to see what's changed over the years.

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    Hello Tidus. I'll just lay it out for you. I've declared you a clicker and null and voided all of your accomplishments. It was easy to do all I had to mention was that you ran away the second it was fixed. Not like you could launch any counter argument to it being you were AFK all this time. If you'd like to prove me wrong come over to SKlone. ;)

  • A clicker? Can I not be a shambler instead? They're a lot scarier.

  • We still exist, the community is in tact. Come talk with us. You are missed and still a legend.

  • Why? You were declaring me a clicker last time you posted. :joy:

  • I was wondering a while ago what happened to you (and a few others I remember). Are you still in contact with Ainex?

  • I have the proof, come see...

  • This is rather odd, I swear to God I was just thinking of “Sephiroth” from the old SK forums today and I come here randomly and here he is, albeit a post from a few months back.

    “Sephiroth” if you come back and read this I’m glad to know your alive. We were never really friends, come to think of it I think my SK named annoyed you because it wasn’t spelled “See You”. Nonetheless, again I’m glad to know your out there still living life. I hope it’s a good one.

  • Unfortunately not Forlorn, not sure what happened to her. I don't use Skype or AIM these days but might still have her on an old account.

    And yes your name is still annoying Cya. Life is good, spend most of my free time seeing the world, console gaming and looking after three fur babies.

  • As far as I'm aware, AIM ceased to exist quite a long time ago, more's the pity. Are you in contact with anyone else from the old days?

    As a matter of fact, do you even remember me?

  • wow. wow wow wow. wow.

  • Blood of the Dragon

  • Yes I remember you Forlorn.

    I don't speak with anyone from the SK days, everyone disappeared over the years.

    I would like to know what happened to BCartfall? It seems the SK game was just stopped with no announcement, which is odd.

  • Seph, dm sent. :)

  • I presume he just lost interest, though someone must be paying the bills, which you're right, is odd.

    Do you use any other messenger service? I'd be interested to keep in touch, given I've known you for as near as damn it 20 years now.

  • Just Facebook messenger these days. I might join that discord people keep asking me to join though.

  • Good to hear your well. Always a joy to get little updates from people in this community.

  • I wonder why I still periodically feel the need to check a dead forum for a dead game I hadn't even played for 10+ years.

  • For me it is morbid curiosity. Same reason I joined the discord but didn't announce it. :)

  • Morbid curiosity, or vague nostalgia for our late-teenage selves and how we chose to spend our time? I still remember

  • I check it every now and then too. I'd have signed up for a laugh if it would let me

  • "I still remember"

    How do you remember that but I forgot it existed until you mentioned it?

    SK was a massive waste of time but there wasn't much else to waste time on in the early 2000s. The game stopped being viable the second you couldn't be chained to a computer 24/7.

  • What we have done is an homage to BCartfall but adjusted for quality of life. It takes a bit from all of the clones, especially New War Era. You would have to check it out.

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    I don't know, honestly. I remember a lot of really random silly stuff from back then. Formative years, and all that. I don't have them saved any longer, but up until I moved house in 2020 I had all my old HD drives, which would even have had a few pictures of you on them.

    The game was always secondary to the community around it, for me. I think the real death knell was when he let the old forums be overcome by spambots, since they were still fairly active right up until they became unusable.

  • I still have all my old SK data, AIM chat logs, random photos of people and crap like that. Should really delete it all.

    I don't remember the community being that great. Apart from a few decent people it felt like everyone was out to stab you in the back to suit their own agendas. Almost no one could be trusted. I chose to leave the forums at the same time as leaving the game to avoid getting sucked back in. Only person I really miss from those days is Ainex, no idea what happened to her.

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    We taunted BCartfall to make us admin since early version 1 and that we would exterminate the cheaters. Eventually the meta turned to heavy scripting and bots. During the bots wars, that eventually ended this game, we stated that xFCx would never bend the knee or capitulate to those creators. Many people signed up for whitelists as to not be hit by them, and we outright refused. As the most tenacious wild card black sheep of a UA to ever grace this game we followed through with our smack talk. You can now play an updated cheat free version with your friends from the past. Your community leaders patrol the game with the proper tool set to administer justice. This is not a hacked version of SK but a game coded from scratch in an entirely different language by the community itself. Why? Because we love SK and a good game is always going to be a good game.

  • I think you should keep it all. It's a snapshot in time of a community that doesn't exist any longer, from the perspective of a pre-eminent player.

    No community based around a basically solo game is ever going to be massively friendly, but I always enjoyed the drama and grief, so I miss it. By that metric, it was pretty great. There's no real individual people I miss, but there's a good few I'm really curious about, what paths they took in life. Chrome, in particular.

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    Cory Newb/IceGod/IcyLands reporting in. Everyone should come to the sklone discord and say hi.

    Eddy and BotD posted last year which blew my mind.

    Eddy, if you see this, are Moo and Knox still hanging around?

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