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Hello all,

I hope everyone is safe during the pandemic that is happening.

Would like to point everyone to, new round signups start on the 30th and game starts the 1st.

I am sure rmag and dank would love everyone to come by.


  • We are still out here if you are stopping by. This community is still striving. Nobody has been able to speak with BCartfall and the game doesn't seem to be active. We wish him the best and hope all is well for him and his family.

    In the meantime we are holding it down. We've created a game very similar to SK but unique enough to stand on its own. Unlike clones in the past where the community was split between games we didn't have such a pitfall. It allowed us to capture the soul of the game. The great builders were able to bake in the formulas while others were able to create a modern layout.

    SKlone has been rebuilt by the community itself and we invite everyone to check it out. Nobody knows the future of StarKingdoms itself except BCartfall, but we did not want to extinguish the flame.

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    What is SKlone?

    It is the original SK clone. Coding began around 2004 with many old school players contributing to it. They focused mainly on the backend which is the skeleton of the game. It then sat on a shelf for over a decade. When we saw that SK was going offline the community resurrected it. A second generation of SK veterans created the front end, resulting in a completed game.

    The key difference between this and StarKingdoms is a huge focus on anti cheating. We have developers, administrators, moderators, and game balancers. There are several sets of eyes on everything and there is nothing that we can not monitor. This allows for returning players to actually play a cheat free version of the game.

    We have two servers. The main server runs at 30 min ticks and players are often more aggressive. There is also a 60 min server if you prefer a slower old school pace.

    At every stage of development we have reached out to BCartfall for feedback, something, anything... just talk to us. Unfortunately we have had no response whatsoever. So for a year and a half now we have sat here tinkering on that old clone. The result? The community is now in charge of its destiny, unrestrained, watching the cream rise to the top. We're even on the Google app store now.

    Everything involving SK has been a bit strange, so of course this journey is no different. All we know is that we love the game, and it's going back to the top of that list for old school RPG games. If you look up those games that is where it belongs to be, and you shouldn't have to fight a botnet to play it.

    BCartfall we miss you buddy but we're going forwards. You haven't responded to anyone for years. We've watched many SK clones come and go. Galaxies Ablaze still exists but since she doesn't fix the string for her email nobody can actually receive a code. Bean took his game Empire Assault offline and never turned it back on. There was no other option but to create our own or extinguish the flame. We don't know what has happened but we're taking you with us anyways on some strange Weekend at Bernies adventure. So buckle up and we hope you appreciate what we've done as it was never intended to piss you off. It was a last resort and we're keeping you in tow at the moment.

    TLDR: xFCx and xLTx had a baby, it's called SKlone.

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