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Feel big now?

I was Shakespeare.

Not that it matters, as I got killed put of noob..


  • yep multies again , same happend to me
    to say it as is saw all the DW multies build it was pretty clear what would happen

  • Needs Rob to come clear them out

  • Glad I didn't sign up then.

  • edited April 2019

    Meanwhile on the klone we found a cheater so both multi accounts had passes changed then his main was gang banged as the rest became free food. Another person was using probes to upset everyone so he got probe raped then had probes removed until he agreed to stop. Hazza came in and said he got multi raped as three admins immediately activated to administer justice. We had to clarify what game as everything was chill then we found it was SK and I saw this post.

    I tried to play the last two rounds and had SL snatched from me by inactives that didn't speak, knocked me out of the alliance I was creating, and left the sector in a state to be eaten later. The good news is you do have a choice what you want to play now, but the bad news is that it's going to intensify over here. This is officially the cheater version of the game at this point with no rules or consequences. It will get worse over here as a result as we are distinguishing between the two at this point and sending those that want to cheat this way. I find it amusing that my BotSanctuary alliance was taken away from me by bots. All these years later and I still feel the admin is catering to the cheaters and that they are actually doing his bidding.

    BCartfall seems content with the cheater situation. I don't know how he feels about us but I'm more than happy to help keep both games alive and bring a bit of yin and yang to balance things out with the klone. Legit over there anarchy over here. We're doing this because some of us have played SK for 20 years and we want to play it legit for a minute. At the same time we want to be careful not to send this game to the grave as it's necessary for us to reach the veterans that swing through, symbiosis. So, if you get irritated by the cheats swing by and chill with us for a minute.

    Something to ponder, I was always the one feeding him the exploits to patch. He wants the game to be this way and forcing him to undo it just irritates him. It's actually ridiculously easy to prevent these bots. Every clone has shown this to be the reality of the situation.

  • @dank

    when does round reset. missed last two so didnt play.


    Beta version 3 has begun. Sign up now!

    The third beta round will run from:

    April 7th at 12am pacific time until May 3rd 10pm pacific time.

  • So its almost over already?

  • lol if i Sign up do i get 500k tanks?

  • It is pretty chill so far, hopefully it does get some play time from other people and grows!

    @Arson get that booty over there :3

    @shadowspace you 2

    @Tormented yeah there is like 9 days left, this round the game ticks every 30 mins.

  • I just don't get how it can be enjoyable to ruin the game for what few players are left.....

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    @arson People just want you to play they keep asking just swing by. Hit us up on discord. It's still under construction but it's come along way in a short time.

  • @narshe sup baby

    @dank ill try to sign up one of rounds soon, been working 60hour weeks

  • i remember the days when bcart ACTUALLY disabled people who were caught cheating

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