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People caught cheating this round


  • I think others should have their identity revealed. Cleros, Undead and be closely monitored in future rounds.

  • They never registered, they were foreign and we gave them the benefit of the doubt

    Everyone who failed to register has been involved in something shady. No mercy next time

  • what the fuck, I thought anyone not registered would be killed instantly.

  • they were vouched for externally as real players by multiple people, like I said, wont make that mistake again

    1. Sped
    2. Cleros
    3. Undead
  • This experiment relies 100% on Rob humoring us. We should all make an effort to just play the game as it was intended while we have the opportunity. The more that we cause him to attack his own friends and network the less interest he is going to have in doing this.

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    That was the deal. Fuck friends who cheat. No mercy.
    Some people have devalued mindsets. Innate & entrenched. Empathy for others doesn't exist.
    Somewhere in childhood they were taught... "it's all about me"..."Win @ any cost"
    They will never play as it was intended.
    These are the future sociopaths of this world. If not already.
    Some will even graduate to psychopath status.

    But yeah Dank. Imagine if people just played as the game was intended.

  • Who are you kidding damo, we're all crazy. No one other than an the obsessive-compulsive, psychopath & sociopath prone around these neck of the woods.

  • Seems that way Chris.

  • So uhhh people? Most people are fucked up or boring, not sure what’s worse

  • Oh. Boring. For sure.

  • Yeah new people are just walking blindly into a cult of sociopaths that are all working and conspiring together, and against each other. I'm right at home here.

  • Hahahaha you can't play completely discreet and the ones "verified" are still busted cheating! Fucking shit show lol

  • and what is the alternative, at least cheaters can be killed. It was a better round then previous. Not even probed by shady kds.

  • edited December 2018

    greg has to bitch because by asking him to submit to a basic set of rules is a direct assault on his penis size

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