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Admission of Guilt

I have been cheating with Sped in sector 1:1 and my kingdom in 2:1. We are kingdom 432 and FuckYouImDank. It's not what you think though. You see we don't cheat we just like to log into each others accounts. There is nothing nefarious about this it makes us feel closer, creates a bond, and we really get to know each other. I feel whole when I am logged in with him. However, I do not cheat to be bad nor do I spin his account or get SoMs for him. No, it is because we love each other. Thank you for listening. God bless.


  • Sped also confessed earlier on Discord.

    Today at 3:30 PM
    Finally done reading. <--- Sped, discord on incognito at work isn't letting me login to same account.

    Dank and I share accounts, I logged into his for 10-30 seconds and logged out. He logs into mine, believe what you want. We are lovers.

    I have no clue who Outlaw is, Rob apparently does and vouches for him. Dank and I only started playing together this round or last, again no clue why we're matching except out of love.

    I'll gladly go through chat history later tonight when I'm off work and show you the chat history when we were campaining Trump.

  • Case closed boys, its not cheating just gay love.

  • Self confession to Gay Love. Outside of the confession box. He's OUT!!!!

  • edited December 2018

    i always knew sped was a unicorn, never figured dank would ride the the trolley.
    they let robtomo become leader of sk. we have finally come to term.

    he who controls the spice controls the universe.

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