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  • I dont see an issue with the current state bots, terra all tank is pretty effective

    Making a limited number of EA "Pokemon" style free land bots for food wouldnt be an awful idea though imo

  • bots should be a free source of food. Competition comes from scarcity, not abundance.

    Also, Drank's suggestion on how to handle bots just doesn't work although it sounds fair. It doesn't work because of compounding interest - it benefits you more to hit a bot now and profit from the land, than it does to hit a bot later, for an equivalent amount of land.

    And Sped, really? still the same story? you miss a good old straight up fight don't you? Shame that all you look at lately is the dust I leave in my wake...

  • edited November 2018

    I like drankof's idea of punishment.... period of no hitting bots, is the best way to counteract the advantage of ill got early land gains IMO so far.
    It might not be perfect Rmag, but it's better than depleting a players defence through fails. People will just be waiting to hit someone who's def just dropped by 5-20%...

  • edited November 2018

    Shhhhh Sped :kissing_smiling_eyes:
    Funny you voted for not hitting bots, when all the while, you were milking them before it was legal.
    Just sayin :tongue:

  • edited November 2018

    Cant just everyone do the rules?
    Like seriously, people who twist rules for personal gain, are not the type of people you would want as friends right? In your home? Trust them with your shit? No.
    And if rules aren't enforced, this attitude will just seep right back into the game.

    Dissapointment @ human race spiel... OVER.

  • btw i meant bots shouldnt be a free source of food

  • Seriously, Sped was hitting them before they were free land and was still bitching? lmao

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