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God Strat aka I'm a farmer

November 24, 23:10:03 Our brave kingdom Merciless (2:12) attacked Path Of Conquest (2:20) and conquered 153 planets.
November 25, 05:41:16 Our brave kingdom Merciless (2:12) attacked Path Of Conquest (2:20) and conquered 140 planets.
November 25, 06:01:40 Our brave kingdom Merciless (2:12) attacked Path Of Conquest (2:20) and conquered 120 planets.
November 25, 13:14:35 Our brave kingdom Merciless (2:12) attacked Path Of Conquest (2:20) and conquered 96 planets.


  • I wish I could find lands like that

  • I pass up on these hits to hit Cleros and sped complains I hit Cleros, I hit easy land that is suciding offense on my friends and I am actually kind of friends with the guy and people complain

    Can we not just all admit we are simply racist against people with larger KDs and you guys are the ones with the problems, I am but a humble planet of farmers and scientists

  • Btw in case it wasnt obvious, check the timestamps. Each hit was about 7k goons and it happened over 2 days lol

  • Yeah path has been AT hitting me non stop darius was just helping me take him out since he apparantly ughh is all goons

  • Still farming

  • darius confirmed megacheater

  • Hey Jess.

  • By the time darius hit him he was a kt, for barri, Darius, and myself. I gave him the option to leave him alone and persisted in keep hitting me.

  • He is a KT, no such thing as farming in this sense.

  • Kestenbaum, I thought you were supposed to be a war guy. Do I have the wrong person?

  • Kestenbaum, I thought you were supposed to be a war guy. Do I have the wrong person?

  • A KT declared by who? Was this made public to the entire server? Seems odd your group benefitted from it most.

  • edited November 2018

    Sped he was given a chance to back off and decided not to so our group made him a kt, and a dw making nothing but goons usually gets kt anyways

  • our kit, not a uni kt

  • edited November 2018

    wouldnt exactly call it a benefit.. riley and barry were keeping pace with me beforehand and nothing special I did happened, now theyre far smaller than me

    serious question are you really concerned about this stuff or are you just messing with me for fun lol

    barry hit the dude as a random grab I guess or out of general concern to slow a big heavy goon dw down, asked me to tag in while I was playing a round of civ 5 with my family as he was high offense and his tanks put him in grabback range, idk if riley even hit, guess he did given the situation, it wasnt really a big deal for us at the time lol

    I grabbed him once at barrys request, he threatened to suicide break me (something only possible because I just made a quick hit without thinking because my dad and brother were bitching I was taking too long on my turn, so I used 3 wls instead of 4 which put me in breaking range from a full tank suicide), he was apparently convinced not to, and we actually had a really nice convo on the public discord the next day

    Then he rolled riley back, which forced us to jump him again, barry was already weakened by a legit mysticide on cleros which he was then multi suicided broken by cleros' "friend" Undeadkingdoms and failed on by cleros, then later rolled by 1-2 legit players piling on. I rolled cleros out of revenge for barry (I was going to break him anyways later that day with my 15k goon rush vs his 17k lts, barry just got to him first). I declared cleros a KT to give the uni something to do, he deleted so I swapped to helping riley kill this now full blown 30k goon 7k ld at that was and still is railing him, I think hes been broken 3-4 times, and now we're here

    So yes basically this is my master plan to do.. stuff, and I wouldve gotten away with it too, if not for you meddling speds

  • Total Wins

    Total Losses

  • 19:39:40  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  Darius, barry wasn't weaked which is why he got tagged by me and 1:11, he was legit a 10k goon break at the time.
    19:39:51  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  He was banking on a 4 WL, 7 hour return and it didn't go as planned
    19:39:54  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  I wish I had a PF acct pshhh
    19:40:49  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  And because I break rainbow & clen back, I get tripled again...
    19:41:59  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  And of oourse when you get 6 hits in about 2 days no wonder my def isn't going to be the greatest
    19:42:43  Path Of Conquest (2:20)    -  so after that, f it, full goons, grab clen since hes apparently the biggest douche :)
  • I'm sure he wants to say more than that. Nobody got a spare multi pf account?lol

  • check uni chat im not pasting all that shit haha

  • edited November 2018

    posting here for records

    edit: I am pasting all that shit

  • The who, why, when, how, what. Darius its the details you put into your response that make it really obvious you're guilty. You're a crafty little Elf, I'll give you that.

  • ah yes, complete and total transparency, a known tool of deceit used by liars and worse, glass doors

  • alright, captain america. so chivalrous. much integrity.

  • why do you gotta hit me with the sarcasm when it would actually make me happy to see you acknowledge I am those things, although thats not why I'm doing this

  • it is a curious mind that sparks fire in others. may you go on to exceed.

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