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Round 88 - Cheater/Multi List

Bedlam / Toolshed matching IP's in 2:2



  • edited November 2018

    Someone supplying food?
    FW would be a shyte choice for a multi.

  • I made a food kingdom...

    Just food eat up (1:5) - this is a food kingdom. comes out in 92 hours. eat up when comes out.

    Eat it up. when dead I'll make another...

    This kingdom is inactive and just has 140 SMs building. so should give decent (ish) cash too. I put 10 sci into money research too.

  • Don't stop there.... x100 please

  • ridiculous hazza, that time isn't good for me. hazza should be killed

  • all in favor of killing hazza

  • Why are there multiple LastTon KD's (one being active) and why is this allowed?

  • Because I couldn't land anywhere with an active SL to switch to Mobi/Growth before newb Sped.

    I told Rob he could do whatever he wanted with the other KDs. He decided to leave them as food.

  • But isn't that just the luck of the draw? I've had SLs not be active until the very last minute before newb started.

  • the guy was active, he just refused to change his vote

    for the future it has to be done pre noob mode start & you have to delete the previous kds

  • No Sped, it's really not the luck of the draw. In fact it's so much NOT the luck of the draw that in EA pre-noob gave u the benefits of both Growth and Mobi so stupid shit like this wouldnt have to happen

  • It is luck of the draw.

    You recreated and landed not only in a sector that you had control of SL over, but you landed in your own sector with Darius which gives an advantage over those who need to confirm state changes with others in their sector.

  • except im a sector state tyrant and did whatever the fuck i wanted, and rmag is only half-playing the round so fuck your logic lmao

  • yup that is pretty much the truth lol.

  • I'm turtled Sped. You know as well as anyone who's ever played with me that turtling is just simply not my style. Have a fun round and see you next time.

  • I want to make people aware of this and to ask Rob the legitimacy of these two kds.

    1:1 cleros and undead, undead has not been that active but happens to come online at the exact time needed. I attacked cleros last night and he then failed x5 pas on me, several seconds later undead comes online and probes and hits me, cleros then fails because he never had enough.


    Then sent me a message saying he hit for his friend lol., so thoughts?

  • Looks like cleros logged undead times are too close to even communicate through chat

  • my analysis is this

    Undead kd was an active player at some point, but definitely dropped off. Theyre friends, so when UD quit/stopped logging consistently he gave cleros his info and he was either running the kd or doing whatever with it

    imo ud kd needs to get instakilled by rob as its a multi or the sharing essentially makes him so. I would say the same for cleros but we could definitely use some drama in the round and a uni kt of him for some fun wouldnt be a bad idea

    Any objections or proof invalidating my assertions otherwise before I ask rob?

  • Without undead, Cleros can not break me and even he failed. Likely resulting in me not getting away with my hit. I knew when I made the hit that it would be risky and generally don't care about my kd. But not in this manner, it is highly suspicious.

    The round has been quite clean up to this point. It is sad to see such a thing. People will still try to find a way to cheat.

  • DariusToday at 7:03 PM
    check pfs
    regarding cleros/undead kingdomg
    SidianTheBardToday at 7:11 PM
    Well now I feel bad about Rainbows
    SwedgenToday at 7:31 PM
    I agree, when looking at the news undead suicides 2min after rainbow grabs then cleros with the fail a min later...suspect for sure
    SwedgenToday at 7:58 PM
    After seeing Rainbows news in PFs my vote is uni KT on Cleros, clearly cheating

  • All the evidence is circumstantial. Not saying that they did or didn’t cheat in some way, but its not unheard of for friends to communicate quickly via chatting apps or phone calls if they need something.

  • we coordinate that way all the time, we are extremely active and even we wouldnt have been able to pull something like that off

    the linear aspect of it make it obvious it was one guy who was heated and acted rashly. Maybe I'd believe it if UD kd was actually active but it was obviously half-dead after max exploring early in the round

  • NYC there wasn't enough time to communicate via chat to get him to log in ect...

  • couldn't we have taken the land, as a kt?

  • thats why i left cleros alive and just killed the suicider

  • That’s why you hit him twice in about 12 hours?

    Seems to me you’re just declaring things that benefit you.

  • look, you're not entirely wrong about everything, but that doesnt make you right either. I am trying to keep everything as fair as I can.

    I am being 100% transparent in everything I'm doing, and honestly I'm okay with giving myself a handicap rather than the reverse because look at the state of competition.

    the reality is that I passed up a hit for literally 2x the land that riley was asking me to hit. The uni is asking for something to do and I figured cleros would be a decent distraction, but it seems like he abandoned his kd

  • edited November 2018

    Either east euro clans or the Malay mongrels who fucked everyone's last round.
    *Cleros rarely speaks, and when he does it's broken English.
    *Undead has commented only once in SFs, and that was before newb ended. **in a vote for sector state strat.
    Since then nothing.

  • And I attacked at 3am. Such a fast response, he is multi or has access to his account and made it blatently obvious. I would like to know if they were listed by Rob.

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