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We are kidding ourselves if we think SK will go on forever, we are seeing it's final days.

I have learned so much from this game. My modern political opinons and life philosophy has been shaped via dealing with the reality of human nature in this game and the community, with no real stakes or meaning.

Even with the death of Starkingdoms we can keep the remaining community alive and together. Who knows what might be accomplished in the future if some of us work together?


  • Final days. We were saying that 2 or 3 years ago.

  • edited November 2018

    And we werent wrong then lol, on a scale of decades whats +/- a few years?

  • This might bring new life to SK though. Im fine with that.

  • i just keep asking myself why is SK better than the many substitutes for it out there... ?

  • community and history rmag

  • It's as they like to see how long I will keep coming back for more abuse.

  • I found this game when i was 19. I grew up to be a math teacher and i sent my students to this game for extra credit but you fucking killed them off with these but or whatever. Cmon...let the player base breathe.

    I came back , come back, keep coming back....but damn...i never even sniff the top 50 but wake up dead...

    Let the player base breathe a bit.


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