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RMag Extension is back !!! --- All Terra Forms --> Download it right now!

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edit: wtf is up with BB code not working?

Hey guys, so I revived the extension.

All that was broken was that SK went from http:// to https:// , so the links were off.

If it doesn't work for you, shoot me a PM.

beware of the calculator!

There's a calc built in to the attack room. It should work just fine, but it hasn't been tested in I guess two years, so double check it against Lovsan's first. I've updated DW to +30% instead of +35%, don't see any other differences.

If you are TF, you will love me

If you are using Sci's extension, you'll know the research is off for TFs. Its fixed on mine.
There's many cool features in the extension, so have a look around.

Many credits to Sci of course, for building the version I built from, which I believe he ported from someone's Firefox extension.

And you'll notice the extension name is a bit weird - I didn't bother to change the name from the private version I had, which is the one now being published, so much love to Murphy!

If there's any features you would like, please suggest them!

Currently I've got a couple in mind, if I have the time for it at all:

  • Max tanks/sci while splitting money across other troops.
    (eg Goon & Tank combo or LDs & Sci combo)
    I've only figured out a nice way to do this if you can max produce one of the units.
    If anyone has an interesting math solution / idea to share, let me know

  • Shield units (how much power needed here) - [ ]

  • in built S.C.O.U.T.E.R
    this one is a bit more of a pain in the ass.
    it's a long process, not sure I'll have the time. It's interesting to code tho, so I might give it a go.

  • Copy & Paste SoX
    not super easy, for some of the same reasons as scouter.
    There's a few ways to keep things in memory, I'll have to figure those out again

  • Sim City Planner
    This is a big project I had. Basically, in the buildings page, it would implement many things from my spreadsheets, in order to help you plan how many PPs to build, Rax to build, Res/SM combo, PFs, etc.

I'll also have a look at what features I added to my EA Extension, but I stopped working on it once I started working directly on EA.

One thing I love about the extension is definetely the way the Attack calc fits in. I think that adding features right into the game expands it, and it makes it more interesting for the mathy/planny guys. The Sim City planner is definitely a huge project, but, if this game were ever to come to life again, I think it's something like this which would make it attractive. Not having to crunch out the numbers and making our own spreadsheets, but just being smart about our planning and leaving the x / 16 and x /24 and the fucking (50 * 1.4 * (1.45-0.1)*1.95) to be done somewhere else. And these very secret numbers that live deep inside SK, such as the previous one, would no longer be a source of competitive advantage.

Cookie points for whoever knows what is the significance of 0.00932, and a chocolate cake if you know 0.01864 !!



  • It's a virus, my computer is bricked and all my credit cards were maxed out. DONT INSTALL!!

  • In all seriousness, it does not appear to be working for me

  • I believe you need to disable sci's extension if you are using it, since they are used on the same website.

    if not that's not it, could you please post the URL that shows when you are on SK ?

  • edited September 2018


    Just a couple pics from s2

  • Yes I tried disabling scis after it didnt work the first time. Tried disabling then renabling, removing then re-adding on chrome, and restarting chrome. Im out now will try again late tonight or tomorrow morning , thanks

  • edited September 2018

    I've managed to re-create the error, and I've uploaded it. Now waiting for google, and hopefully it will work :)

    edit: still not working. It works locally, but not once it's uploaded. I'll have to figure it out.

    edit: seems to be working :)

    edit: it seems i put the wrong link in the opening post. Since I can't edit it, I just made that one the main version ;) Publishing will happen at google's will, and fingers crossed :D

  • ive now triple tested it, it's working :)

    you might have to remove and re-install

  • yeah it's work now thanks

  • edited September 2018

    look's good, really like the research calc

  • As for a suggestion, you know how in the military room there is the chart of your offensive/defensive strength rated in tanks? Perhaps have this update according to planet type, sector leader, and research.

  • I like that :)

    maybe a safe def calc too, eg how far off r u from safe def

  • Built in scouter would be sick. The one attack Calc that use to have it got taken down.

  • I can add it easily enough to the calc, if that helps you.

    Built in scouter takes some more

  • @RMagician

    Yeah if you can add it to the calc that would be cool. Would be useful to know exact return times without having scouter researched.

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  • I would bet on a TF / Mysti creating those.

  • edited September 2018

    How about:

    My PT:
    [-] Mysti, [-] DW [-] Terra (+research)

    [-] Include Tanks

    || PT || Troopers | Goons | Tanks | Tacts ||
    || TF || Troopers | Goons | Tanks | Tacts ||
    || DW || Troopers | Goons | Tanks | Tacts ||

    || PT || LTs | LDs | Tanks ||
    || TF || LTs | LDs | Tanks ||

  • why does the military room say train jarheads? instead of Soldiers?

  • Its called a creative personal touch.
    Why... Does it confuse you hazza?

  • Hazzs you arent from the states are you?

  • And yeah magician something along those lines

  • edited September 2018

    @RMag Marry me!!... I just rubbed up against your sexy research calc & blew ma beanz... Faster than any renta-root's hand-job eva! :love:

  • I'm a Brit. And proud of it.

  • @cumgitsum

    I'm very picky about wedding venues.

  • btw, the calc is 100% accurate (yes more accurate than Lovsan's)

    only improvement to be made there is that it sets ur KD bonuses for u.

  • edited September 2018

    I noticed it set a lower offence to send than Lovie's, so was waiting till someone confirmed it. Cheers mate.
    Oh, and for you Rmag.... Anywhere anytime :lol:

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