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I think we should pay Rob to let us play and police the game

I'll pay a monthly fee. Let's do this.


  • i got 5 on it

  • That's at least ten bucks which is good for a 12 pack of High Life. Rob you provide your paypal as you are the new admin, or 1st admin.

  • dank should be able to get a decent rock for ten bones

  • edited August 2018

    Nearly shouted NO FUCKING WAY.
    But considering people were prepared to pay for bcart to hand over the game... its comparable.
    And actually someone getting paid to "Fairly" police the game, would be a double bonus>
    I'd be in for AUD$5 per month. Sure, the currency conversion is shyte... but hey.
    Dats the global economy for ya!

  • yeah that's gonna be a hard no from me dawg

  • This game isnt worth the money and for that reason im out :)

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