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robs diary entry #5442

Dear diary. The people of sk have been insulting me, they just don't understand. All i ask, that they as lesser beings understand is i do this for their benefit. If not for me their would be no starkingdoms. I gave them life and hope, and it is my job as a being far superior to them to make them understand what i giveth i can also take away. Treat me with respect and i am a merciful lord, but to blasphemy i must also take away. Like the old scripture i must create a flood to wash away their sins. To be disrespectful to the lord almighty is to be disrespectful to the very foundation of creation itself. Why can't they understand this.

As mama always said, i am special. But dear diary how can i get the lessers to understand this.


  • Hi Rob,

    I've encountered this problem myself. Modern plebs are uppity. Not sure how to help, my solution has just been to kill them

  • You'll burn nicely, heretic!

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