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so no effing reason....


  • You need to settle the FUCK down Hazza.

  • just realised this?

  • Pretty much... from what I heard Someone was making multies and messing with rob so he said eff it I’m gonna kill everyone

  • edited July 2018

    Looks like we know who rob is now... What a bunny

  • still not convinced this is rob, not saying it isn't tho, but wasn't it 3 rounds ago where Civic did this exact same thing? and what would Rob's motive be now? he's played it cool these past 2 rounds by labeling his bots and keeping a fragile peace

  • this is rob i saw him write in uni chat that he will kill everyone, cause his main kd got suicided on by few multis, fucking clown pussy...

  • Nah someone told me it was rob for sure. Guess they’re FB friends or talk on discord

  • baby-rob killing all the remakes now. Shame the fella has turned to the yellow side...
    And he was gathering quite a cult following being the eskay pig recently.

  • As he wasn't playing. But with him gone, several players got fucked by multis. Looking at Lovsan.

  • Not to mention his bot IP on his main now

  • edited July 2018

    I told yall what was going to happen but you already knew that anyways. Not much anyone can do about it. You can't have a cheater as your self imposed admin unless it's me. I am the only one that can be trusted.

  • dank for president

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