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How does one join the sk circle jerk club?

How can someone become a protected kingdom with 2/3rds of the galaxy protecting them?


  • Not being a sh!tty turtling whore helps

  • But If I don't I get grabbed more.

  • TJ grabbed me, i didnt loose any bolts though. Dont fall behind early on, if you still get owned after that -> you go to valhalla :)

  • Who where you R? My bad bruh

  • edited June 2018

    Hazza. Mate..... you were invited to join the "circle jerk" waay back when EA was going.
    Time was spent trying to "edumacate" you.
    But you didn't want to take any build advice... Just went on your own merry way as a turtle in quarter-shell

  • Don't hit anti turtles

  • @Hazza also stay out of other peoples wars and take the easy land. Then the rapetrain express wont stop at your kd

  • you mean the time when I tried TCs and found no difference at all? and then joined the EA FC group...?

  • Hazza this is why you'll never have a decent kd

  • I offered to help him once and he just said he knew everything. I'm still waiting to see it.

  • Lol crazy this is still going hey barricade and tj

  • Hey, Moogle. I didn't play this round. But I played the last few and got multis used on me.

  • Moogz what up buddy came back like a year ago ran into psy and Greg so stuck around. How’s it going man?

  • hey everyone, wanted to ask is that genius viva playing this round?

  • him me up moogle if you ended yo makin a kd :)

  • Some people are still doing the dw a high goons route. Saw a dw with 102 land was low defence, so grabbed 4x...

  • very nice hazza :)

  • Jeez hazza you dont fkn learn

  • i see quite a few faces around :)

    Now I have to learn to play the game again >.>

  • "How can someone become a protected kingdom with 2/3rds of the galaxy protecting them?"

    By having the military to defend them back ;)

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