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Summer Plans

Anyone got any games they plan on getting? I recently started playing PokemonGo again, there has been a lot of updates since I put it down 2 years ago. Maybe going on a camping trip? My wife and I are hoping to float a river or 2. How about wrapping up an ongoing art project? I've got this RHCP painting I've had in the works for 7 years now (6 years of procrastination) I really need to finish.

Really I just felt like we needed a new thread besides Viva and TJ erotica novel they got going


  • I still dabble with Pokemon Go. I work downtown now so there's 4-5 around me while I sit at work.

    I had my nephew playing with it last weekend, so I may take him around town this summer with his own account.

    I do lots of basketball in the summer, week long camp out of town in July as one of the coaches.

  • Probably be slamming Tj''s mam all over the bedroom all summer
    Dirty little whore can't get enough of the 13 inch viva sausage

  • viva wrong thread

  • Sped, what team you play on? I'm Mystic, strongest pokemon is a 2273 Rhydon, which isn't all that great but I'm only level 22. The raids features were great ideas but I haven't had much luck with getting a team together on discord in my city. I mean, I joined the Silph Road and we have a discord chat, but times never match up

  • Whatever red is, I forget the name.

    My original account got banned, I was level 32 like 2 years ago.

  • autocross, airsoft and baseball....and try to loose 60lbs

  • untold music festival, norway short trip, egipt long trip. dota2 and csgo

  • @SpedSK damn pokemon cheater.
    Tell you what tho, I played pokemon go couple times in tokyo. That shits rigged as hell. every 5m pokestop and every 3 steps catch another pokemon.

  • Yea I been to a few bigger cities and it's super easy. Where as here I need to walk/drive 5 minutes for 1 pokestop. There are a few spots with multiples all grouped up, I used to go there for lunch when it was nice out and walk around.

  • i thought pokemon go was dead

  • gta go is the new thing

  • Just play my switch and return to England for three weeks.

  • kids. gotta love 'em

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