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xFCx, we are your daddy

So I started thinking again which happens after a few beers to grease the gear things. That's when it hit me. We are your daddy. After ruining every single clone you're trapped here in what is arguably the slowest death in video game history. Thanks to xFCx you have made history. Then I was all like you know what these mufukaz have to continue playing. They are our legacy. Due to that I just wanted to tell you to suck it up. You can beat those bots by sucking them off. You've been doing it for years and you're not going to stop now.


  • Bruce Springsteen fan Dank?

  • ..... Glory dayz

  • edited May 2018

    I signed up to play and the game still wants me to vote for it to get some additional land. I look at the sectors and it is two entire galaxies of bots. My entire sector is bots. Vote this for a top web game? I'm have to tap out right there.

  • Day 3 with 0 units. I annoy everyone possible. People just create their own food these days.

  • Day 4.

  • I signed up for server 2 out of curiosity. Same bs but a different bot or it's at least using different names. Fuck is wrong with you people that you would play this shit?

  • believe it or not dank, rob's bots are skaay peacekeepers now.... removing multies & other bots from the game.
    Plus they are great food.
    Not as bad as it looks....

  • edited May 2018

    Well, I guess it could be said that Rob won SK. It depends how you want to look at it. Day 5 over here with 0 everything and I actually gained 10 land today. My intention was to remake in a different sector but this seems futile. If anyone needs food I'm 187 in 1:5.

  • Day 6, gained another 10 land.

  • Rewards whore.

  • xFCx > Sk Nerds

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