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List of kds easy to make powerless

  1. Sped




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    My thoughts...universe vs. 1:12...

  • Wait that isn't what I read the first time.

  • Sped has the easiest KD to make powerless in the game. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Sad!

  • hahhha this is too funny lmao

  • I have the most powerful kingdom in the universe. Theres no problem there, believe me

  • What is the point you're trying to make?

    That you need 4+ people to beat 1 person?

    That you are a hypocrite and whine when people do this exact same thing to you?

    That you couldn't break me without having one of your mindless goons making me powerless?

    I really didn't care about the 1st hit, the 2nd hit pissed me off. Must be nice having a snake in our chat to run back to you with everything that was said. What's funny is I messaged someone privately that that is exactly what Riley would do. Guess what he did after he hit me? Left the chat like a little bitch.

    Didn't care about the 3rd or 4th hit either. I was ready to regrow, but now that you and your group can't just leave it at that you decide to hit me for a 2nd time.

    No wonder no one wants to play this game, you take things too far and can't allow people to play. You're no better than people who make multies to ruin peoples rounds.

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    Nah man its that you were talkin shit with a reasearching fighters before lds lookin ass piece of shit kd
    Low pop terra making tanks in growth piece of shit kd

    Who the fuck do you think you are?

    You offended the people of dariusville, and as their dear leader I was obligated to teach you a lesson.

    I broke you full power, terra, sl, and full shields with no tanks out btw, wouldve taken me 1.5k extra before the first 2 hits and with 20k lds and I think I would've been ok sending those out bruh. In fact only way you could break ME was a full tank suicide with me powerless, lol

    PS I am my own mindless goon, I lead from the front

  • Darius you know you can not research Fighters before LDs and Goons are done ?

  • Hmm something fucked with the SOK I took, it should show a 0 value for whatever they have researched even if its not built (see fighters) then

    Either way who goes low pop terra and makes LTs? Lol

    Name: Sir Buckethead

    Planets: 2,860
    Networth: 466,664
    Honor: 1,575
    Platinum: 250,218
    Power: 81,271
    Population: 25,780

    MA Protection: 0%
    Planet Type: Terra Form

    Soldiers: 2,130
    Troopers: 1,197
    Dragoons: 7,779
    Fighters: 0
    Laser Troopers: 5,404

    Tanks: 6,128
    Scientists: Unknown
    Probes: Unknown

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    Sorry, but I have the entire chat up on Facebook and I didn't say anything about you, your KD, Riley or anyone in your group except:

    "Easy to make powerless" when Strength had 20k power.


    "hes your group mate you're obligated to say that" when Riley said "Still a good looking KD".

    Stop acting like I give two shits about you, your group or your KD. Unlike you, I don't think about ways to fuck over other players daily other than maybe hitting them once and moving on. I don't steam roll them into the ground and leave them no way of recovering. It's great you have half the server with their nose up your ass to "dominate". While I'm in a chat with a few guys, I don't ask for help nor did I even tell them where I was until a few days ago. I play with the same 2 I have for the last several rounds, and Cam died 3-4 days ago.

    "Nah man its that you were talkin shit with a reasearching fighters before lds lookin ass piece of shit kd
    Low pop terra making tanks in growth piece of shit kd"

    Fighters Research heavily armed jets for use in battle.

    Develop Fighters
    Requires 150,000 points and the research Dragoons and Laser Dragoons.

    Do you understand what is wrong with your sentence? If you're going to look for bullshit reasons to ruin someones round, at least have your facts straight.

    I was in Growth because that's what a handful of my sector mates want. I guess when you don't stack your sector you need to listen to others on what they want. I was also low pop because I failed a hit earlier and was overflowing on rax. Low pop = not enough soldiers to train LDs in growth with my income. I'm surprised you don't understand that concept.

    Take a minute and re-read what I said in my first post. I didn't care about hits 1, 3 and 4. Teach me a lesson. My KD sucked because of that 24 hours of growth. Your problem is you're too much of an ass to leave it there and you proceed to keep hitting people.

    I don't really care who it was that broke me first, I wasn't even sure which KD was yours when making my first post. If you could of broken me first you would have, you attacked earlier yesterday morning and your WLs would of been home already, so something doesn't add up. You or your group couldn't break me without making me powerless.

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    I had a 15h return from the morning hit, I needed you powerless to break in the morning but decided to wait until I made 9k goons that day so I'd be safe from retal suicide

    " It's great you have half the server with their nose up your ass to "dominate"."

    Haha what? Man do you have any idea who I am? For 50 rounds I've been multied straight out of noob, trained, kted or just weakened and fucked over the second I revealed. Me barry and riley are just 3 friends that usually 3v10. This round is the most peaceful its ever been for me and I've gotten 20 offensive pas and a heavy fail lol (guess why your boy was low power)

    I think you think you're good sped, and I need you to understand that you're not. Feed the anger and become better, recruit friends for revenge, make plots, thats the only way this game survives because thats where all the fun is, otherwise this is an excel based zen garden.

    Look man, if you're just sad about it, sorry. I figured we'd have some spicy shit talk as a result and bring the bantz to the pfs which are pretty much dead. Maybe call me a dicknose faggot and swear revenge. Maybe those days are dead, but that means the end of SK and that kind of makes me sad :(

  • Sorry but what exactly about you playing with Barri/Riley is different than me playing with Cam/Warhawk? Do you know when the last time I finished a round was?

    I guess one difference is I don't have one of them sitting in a chat with others delivering messages back to me like a puppet.

    You need to make your mind up. You expect people to feel bad that you get trained/multied/kt'd every round, then 2 paragraphs later you tell me to recruit friends to get revenge? Like I said, if you learned to just hit people once and leave it maybe people wouldn't be so eager to dick you over round after round.

    The difference between you and I is I don't make a big deal about being hit a few times. You whine and and expect people to feel bad for you. You make it seem like a huge conspiracy theory that the entire server is out to get you.

    You also didn't get a "heavy fail" from Cam, he killed 800 units. That's 4 hours of training in Mob. Stop exaggerating to try and make your point seem valid.

  • I dont expect anyone to feel bad for me lol, its a badge of honor. Our mindsets are totally different.

    "Like I said, if you learned to just hit people once and leave it maybe people wouldn't be so eager to dick you over round after round."

    Lol. Most games im forced to turtle for size and make several small hits for land. I didnt even hit you more than once. I dont measure my safe d by what a kd will reasonably hit me with, its always full suicide that I have to keep a defense home from because some idiot or multi will take the shot every damn time. I dont get to be mr big dick offense very often, if ever. I am usually the massive turtle everyone is trying to take a shot at while free farming some DWNAP bullshit

    You wont get that much sympathy from me sped, youre a selfish farming whore as far as I've ever seen; I'm no different from you but you havent been fucked over 1/15th as much, trust me

  • You, your group. It doesn't matter who hit me. My point is you tell them to jump and they ask how high.

    Please explain how exactly I am a "selfish farming whore".

  • Just my observations in the past lol, your playstyle is individualistic and growth oriented. Not knocking you for it, its my specialty so I can see it for miles. I dont have detailed notes to give you man I dont actually even know if we were friends or enemies in the past 20 rounds. I mean cam was my groupmate 6 years ago or something and I taught him the god strat (we got instakilled out of noob that round :)), 3 years later hes helping train me.. who cares?

    Man you dont know how friends work, I dont tell anyone to do anything. I have the boisterous and dominant personality here for a laugh but barry and riley dont report to me lol

  • Right, so you're psychic and somehow knew that I said you were easy to make powerless in the chat? Riley didn't come running up to you like the little bitch he is (and then left chat).

    Strength (1:12)
    Sector Leader


    Subject: (Blank). Sent on April 24, 22:11:00
    dont talk **** about my kds power ever again

    i have the most powerful kingdom in the universe

    im the ****ing lizard king

  • WOW sped wosahhhh your ass i don't come running to anyone! I posted your comment cause it was funny and a good laugh.

    I left chat because i didn't want to hear you cry about it. Also no point of me being in a chat with people i'm not working with.

  • You don't go running to anyone yet you showed Darius the chat.

    Which is it?

    You left the chat because you're a bitch. I haven't cried about anything in there.

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    Sped I truly hope to god before this post you knew I am joking about the power thing

    I (and we) were going to hit you the second you swapped into growth that morning, what you said to riley had nothing to do with it. I can show you screenshots of our chat if you really dont believe that

    You swapped to growth this morning, barry mentioned it, I SOKed you and saw your low pop while max exploring when the rest of uni was in mobi. You literally killed yourself man, nobody was hunting or spying on you. When you SoKed me back you made the comment on my power which we had a laugh about. I thought it would be funnier to make this a personal vendetta about some totally minor slight on my SOK for some drama.

    You forced us to hit you, because you wouldve outgrown us with growth and having enough offense to make small supplemental hits. Unfortunately in the top 5 vs competent players you cant do shit like that, which is why we didnt, and why you wouldve outgrown our builds doing it.

    Its your responsibility to be aware of that and tell your sectormates to fuck off or have some patience. Top 5 in sk is a slow chess game not a race. Youve played this shit for decades I shouldnt have to explain it to you, or is competition here really that bland with me dead around this time?

    If you cant handle that then dont build offense and be a hazza tier bitch, but nobody killed you out of spite or anger or some other bs. You died because of your own greed. You got trained to death because the uni needs land, not because I dont know how to quit. I hit you one time lol

    Now youre over here crying boo hoo darius you big meanie because me and everyone else that hit you are literally just playing the game in its purest form.

  • hey guys, I finished 2nd in NW last round. I truly am the definition of “elite” at SK.

    Boo yah

  • edited April 2018

    Robert california is my personal hero atm, I've been looking for a reason to drop the lizard king line for months lmao

  • How am I to know who is joking, especially you. You're a delusional jackass who seems to have multiple personalities, because you keep contradicting yourself.

    First you say I'm a selfish whore who only plays for himself, yet I switched states at a sector mates request.

    Second I am "not good at this game" yet was going to out grow all of you.

    You're right, I may have "forced you to hit me". I didn't force you to railroad me into the ground and ruin my round. That is the part you don't get. You say you wear the fact you've been multied/kt'd for 50 rounds as a badge of honor yet you don't hesitate at the chance to do it to someone else.

    I don't play to finish a round, I play to outgrow people (as I did last round) then get killed (as I did last round). The only difference is I normally last a month and not get dicked over a week into the game to the point I can't recover. I could have recovered after the first 4 hits, I had nothing but defense training but you and your group of jackass friends kept going.

    I'm not arguing nor complaining about being hit, I'm pissed off I have to wait another 6 weeks for a new round. That or start a new KD and turtle for the entire game.

  • Sped funny how you keep throwing this bitch word around like i give a fuck??? Yaah i showed it to him for a good laugh or funny how you mentioned i was scared of your KD.... How well did that work out for ya?

  • Sped I have multiple personalities because I act like a giant dbag here but im actually a normal person.

    @selfish whore; you might have lost sl. whos to know your motivations, people do different things for different reasons on different days. In my exp you generally dont seem to take sides but love having a big kd

    @ the outgrow comment, I could outgrow the uni with an all SM mount kd with only scis for units, but that wouldnt make me "good", being good would mean understanding there is an art to building a kd, not just optimizing for growth. Use your noggin buddy

    @railroad you forced us to hit you then became easy land. I wouldnt railroad you for bad land, notice I didnt hit you this morning. Top KDs are fragile, theyre optimized for growth and are too offensive. Rank 1 kd and rank 20 kd dont usually have a big diff in defense, but do have a big diff in land and offense

    @dying a week in: dont go too aggressive with growth and you wont die. The price for this is you wont outgrow shit, but I've placed myself in rank 25 for a month to dodge the first 3 weeks of multi scourges hunting for me, and even faked my own death. Choose your playstyle sped, bigger they are faster they die. I'm not long for this game and I'm more than aware of it :)

  • You showed it to him, so you are a pawn. Roger.

    You're right, what I said about being scared of my KD was funny. It was a joke, clearly something that went over your head and you took it personally.

    Great job on breaking me after I was made powerless and broken, then made powerless again. You really showed me.

  • Of course I was easy land, I was hit 4 times. I still have enough D to hold back anyone else trying to hit me, until hits 5-8 came in (all/most of which were your sector).

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    Maybe barry and riley did a bit overkill man but you were going to get railed by people who got distracted by a suicider around the same time. It was coming regardless no doubt about it

  • No worries Sped its just part of the game kill or be killed. If we would have left you alone you would have came for us. So just a smart move to eliminate you from the competition

  • I'm not good though, how can I be competition?

    Darius, get your puppet on his leash.

  • Usain bolt can race someone who isnt fast sped

    cmon youre smarter than that (maybe not?)

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