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Good to see that the same 20 people are still playing this game XD
How have the rounds been? and this one


  • Hey Syl! 1st full game back here since EA days.
    Good to see your black furry face again mate!
    This is, & apparently one/some other recent rounds, were bot free!
    Robtomo seems to have got onboard & now rolls as the local beat copper... Using his bots this time, for the side of Good, instead of Evil

  • Niceee that almost makes me want to try a round out CD
    Tomo likes the game so I feel like it's in his interest to support the remaining player base rather than smash them into submission lol
    Cool that he's trying different approaches these days.
    Goodluck with your round mate

  • what up syl!!!!

  • sometimes i think "man, SK was such a huge part of my life for a long time, i should play again" and so i log on here, see the state of the forums and think "nah".

  • The forum is so ugly that I can't even invest into a traditional senseless argument with Forlorn.

  • it's tragic.

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