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Dear Rob & Hikaru

I know that you've been asked this before, but, I'm asking you both again to really consider not using your bots anymore. All of us that are still here after all of these years play this game for the sentimental value. We use it as a time-killer. This is just a game that we all play for fun. If the bots are just food for us, that's great. With the lack of a player-base, inactive food is much-needed and appreciated. I know that both of you have it deep down in yourselves not to fully crush this game for those of us that are still here. You both have had several rounds of your "fun" killing people. Let's end it after this round. Rob, you have shown the maturity to use your bots for good, killing obvious cheaters and other bots that come in ruining other people's round. You also allow us to use your bots as food for the game, which is good, in my opinion. Hikaru, I am asking you to please, don't even make your bots anymore. You've managed to kill off just about every active player from this round. Congratulations. You really can't go any lower than that. Let's have some fun next round and maybe, just maybe, try and start to bring this game back up a little bit. Of course the trash talking in the PF's is great and expected. There's simply no need for bots other than to be free land for all to enjoy. Again, especially Hikaru, please consider a bot-free round next round.


  • people still play this game?

  • I still play.

  • Remy
    January 16
    people still play this game?

    Not many anymore. Thus the plea by Cam to leave the bots out of it.
    Most of us want to be able to play without eventualy getting killed in 2.0 seconds by bots. Making your game build, as good as it might be... a waste of time.

  • yeah i know the name of the game i was being sarcastic. lol
    havent really played a round in a year or two. but im playing this round.

  • yeah... now I recognise the name :/
    Cheers for playin again,,,. The more - the merrier ;) Peace.

  • Sorry, I quad tapped hikaru so now she's on her period for another year or two i guess :)

  • I’ve not played or even been on the site for years, but I remember playing this game when there where endless sectors full of kingdoms & Sector/Alliance forums buzzing with activity. Some pretty tight self imposed rules set by alliances & players, and a simple game that is strangely addictive.

    When I have signed by up previously I get bashed by someone 4 or 5 times the size of me, find myself in a sector alone or get killed off in a minute by Multis.

    I’ve never been the best player or well known but surely everyone who still logs into this game wants it to be better, wants it to be popular & active! I’d love to log on to see full sectors & alliances. But while people insist in creating multis surely this only hinders the game? Why not put that time/skill/whatever you want to call it into building a decent legit kingdom?

  • People like Civic have a bot because they can’t build a descent KD so they get hit, cant handle it, cry like a GarbageBoy, then make a bot to kill everyone. Nothing will change his mind or stop him so sadly the only thing we can do is let him play by himself. I’m deleting once his bots come out of newb. Not giving him the sadisfaction of killing me again...

  • edited March 2018

    I will play when the bots go but it has to be enforced by Bcart. He loves his bots though. It will never happen.

  • Sad to see SK end like this

  • edited March 2018

    [quote="Artemus"]Sad to see SK end like this[/quote]

    Sk isnt ending???

    edit. Quote isn't working??

  • nothing works around here

  • Bots works...

  • walked right into that one!

  • The bot armies are here to stay because Bcart seems to enjoy being made a fool out of by the botters.

    I helped expose the lie that supposedly Chuck fights the bots. Chuck bots showed up only after the people killed off the Rob bots. By then it was too late because "only here for ron" trash player and his camp had won that round killing off all the other top accounts using the Rob bots meanwhile not being KT'd by the Rob bots themselves.

    I trolled Chuck so bad he quit and (to the best of my knowledge) hasn't been seen again). A similar game that isn't totally cucked ( of space themed spreadsheet game still exists and isn't dead yet. Its actually improved from a few servers ago when the Kolby camp (servers Gaia/Hydra/Sigma) and Slippin Jimmy camp (Sigma+Jade) were highly reliant on making kick farm guilds using auto-build scripts (bots).

  • Hey commie fuckface crybaby! Team Ron wasn't around when Chuck bots showed up. The five of us we're playing EA but good try... Obviously you got stomped out by us or you have a major hard on for Ron... either way get your facts straight cunt

  • Prolly has a hard on for me I am pretty sexy....also who are you?...nm not important enough to remember I'm sure ^_^

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