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How to fix the game - Wobba Treaty of 2018

edited December 2017 in Suggestions

Ok, it's clear the game is but a mere shadow of it's former self, we all know why and know the state of the game won't change unless we come together as a community to fix it. Ultimately, there is a way to ensure a viable, and dare I say it, honorable way to restore this game to at least the guise of a functional, competitive, and, again dare I say, fun game. However, it would take full cooperation on all of our parts.

As you continue to read, please finish before you form your opinions, again, this can only work if we come together and form the dictatorship of the proletariat. Here's the [Wobba Treaty of 2018].

To start, all players would need to 'register' in a Public Forum thread that they intend to play in the next round. Kingdom names would have to match the name they provide in the PF, it would be best if we used our own PF name, therefore Kingdom names would be Wobba, Viva, Hazza, Dank so on and so forth.

Clearly, you've already seen potential issues. People making fake PF names with intent to use those KDs as farms. Well, to that I say the naturally vetting process of us as a community could easily weed these out. If no one's heard of x_Flapjack_x before and no one can seem to vouch for them, then it's probably being set up as a farm, therefore it would be eliminated. If there is doubt or reason to believe they are just a "returning player" as they can drift through occasionally, then it would be easy enough to monitor their build with SoB etc and a subsequent PF thread investigating the KD could determine if it's a farm or not. It would be impossible to hide a farm because all players would have registered their name already. This is not a 100% foolproof method but it is enough for potential farming of the KD to be ineffective.

Bot masters (I'm obviously thinking Rob and Civic) have set themselves apart from the rest of the community therefore they would have a unique responsibility. Due to their ability to regulate a sizable bot army that can remove any KD from the game, they would have to function as the "Peacekeepers." Since bots aren't going anywhere we must therefore incorporate them into the game. All bots would have to be named as such "RobBot1, RobBot2, CivicBot1, CivicBot2 etc." it would be the responsibility of the bot army to execute punishment on those who deviate from this Treaty. Judgements would be made in a stand alone investigative PF thread. Again, I can't stress how important it is for us all to come together to make this work.

The playerbase has shrunk tremendously over the years because of lack of accountability. However, it's nothing we can't attempt to reverse if we try hard enough. I know some of you are already laughing at this proposal but ask yourselves, is this idea really worse than hanging out in this sadistic, bot-coder dick measuring contest? Do you not long for the old days of SK? While this plan wouldn't bring them back, it could launch the New Days of SK which would be more enjoyable than the Current Days.

Those that have played with me and know me should be fully aware I have never cheated in this game. The only time I shared an IP address was when my wife played one time many rounds ago. The most important part of this plan is that old hatreds and rivalries must end. No more xROx or xMYx or whatever, this type of "grouping" is what led to SK's downfall in the first place. This part is a MUST, in order to step out of this sad SK shadow we have to leave behind what's keeping us there, and venture into the light. Alliances could return (perhaps 2 sectors each depending on player count) wars could come back, missiles could have a point again, PKs, KTs, we could restore this game. It could become more than just clicking through the buttons again.

I'm sure these ideas can be expanded on and I encourage you to add and do so. If you have a teardown, please follow it with a solution. I can't be the only one who wishes this game was a game again.



  • It's a viable option and we have tried everything out and I would be willing to give this a go

    Sector leader will have to send out sector messages for all to sign into public forum for the person in charge to update a Kingdom list that way people have had fair warning .

    The one issue I can see is that groups won't separate
    There is trust between groups and that won't end so small Underground alliances would ever cease.

    Secondly if I call my self viva

    I am going to get a lot of news straight out of the gate and probably suicides
    People like rob tomo , darius etc also .

    Team Ron and other have a grudge for me and that won't end

    Nevertheless I would be willing to give this a go
    For one round no harm can be done

  • Ultimately rob and civic have to give it there say and can't just kill people if they get probed or hit
    Bots can only exist to kill off multis what other use like lovsan etc

    Just to point out bots were only initially made because people kept on getting manual multied

  • I know that the UAs could remain an issue but this can only work if we all give a good faith effort. Otherwise its just a rinse and repeat of past grudges that only served to consume us all in hatred and bullshit. Realistically speaking, I think this plan is the only option we, as a community, have to salvage this "game" into an actual game again. And I'm not saying it will be easy for everyone to wipe the slate clean when it comes to other players but there's more at stake here than the back and forth he said she said drama that has engulfed countless KDs.

    I appreciate you saying something, Viva, and I recognize that you have made enemies throughout your playstyle here. But as I have said on various occasions before, when I first started back you showed me the ropes in the ways the game had changed, we played several wars together, sometimes on opposite sides. Back in the KiK days I went by Andy and we all had a fun time. We can bring that back but not until we lay down the reasons the game soured and move forward.

    Round rollover grudges and small UAs have to end. We need to embrace the fact that we can be one UA called xSKx, there's just too few of us left for this to go any other way. Imagine, old enemies becoming new friends.

    And yes this can only work if the Bot masters agree(all of us agree really). As far as manual multis go, the transparency rules would prevent multis from gaining traction in the first place.

  • I am happy to give it a go and bury my grudges and start a fresh as a neutral player

    Even start a fresh with Team Ron / Greg and Atmo if it means we can salvage a equal playing field .

    P.'s I don't see the need in two bot army's

    1 bot army would be enough and call them starkingdom's moderator
    Personally I would only trust rob to do that not because he's an ally I think he's the only bot owner with common sense and he's proved that in recent rounds. He's used bots for years and is far less trigger happy than a newbie bot owner .

    But like I said it's basically down to 3 or 4 people to not build lots of bots and use them agressively .

  • well, that's why I'm not disparaging Civic, he has clearly shown the ability to create a bot army and I cannot stop him if he wants to continue. I agree there only needs to be one bot army as the moderator but having 2 can serve as a check and balance against the other should one bot master go off rails. There are moving pieces to this plan but it's only our attitudes that can cause it to fail.

  • I support clean and fair community. But there is always dirty player like RiCo, TJ, dae, ChefGreg & lovsan. My bot wont exist if they don’t provoke me in the past. They bully me last round by gang up to kill me because they were “friend”. Well and that’s why all my bots appear this round to clear them off. I don’t have friend to help me so i need my bots to back me up.

  • " I don’t have friend"

    We know, you tremendous faggot

  • Yeah but Civic you go out of your way to kill innocent kds. And using bots against them because they have the numbers is bullshit.

    You used your bot to ruin competition and to troll. Carbon and Land Fiend are your kds which you farmed after bots hit. You simply cheated to win. Dont use them as an excuse.

  • @Barricade how many times i need to tell you that i dont own Carbon/Land Fiend? When you get killed by my bots tou blame on me. I have told you that i sold off this round bot access to Carbon. Whatever he done to you or any kingdom is not related to me. If i would like to cheat to top. You guys kingdom is already dead early of the game.

  • Keep this on subject guys stop the fucking trolling before I slap the lot of you .

    Wobba has took the time to put some effort in . Stop arguing .

    Hikaru nice comment so you won't make bots
    That's a very good start

  • Don’t use us as your excuse to kill everyone this round because you suck. Last round I started late and you triple bash tapped me out of newb so when I grew I set up a nice train for you as revenge because you couldn’t even message me back. You got what you deserved, you and your buddies you now claim don’t exist that you gave your bot too.... again you make no sense. Stop lying and just admit you like to suck fat man cock while you kill everyone on SK. Isn’t that your SK dream?

  • Of course the key to this will be not worrying about what anyone has done in the past...whether you legit played, cheated, did some questionable things even though not truly cheating, etc. The whole point of the clean slate model would be that everyone gets the title of legit player immediately and by keeping the proof that you are still playing legit as the game goes we can actually have some fun by pitting our skills to each other. Some will win and some will lose....and thus it will be an actual game again. I know I have never cheated...not once not ever...I also never made much of an impact after getting out of high school as real life was more important. I just kind of lazy play and enjoyed the days when there was actually something to do besides watch bots farm themselves and petty childish fighting over who can ruin the game more. I would say its worth a try if nothing else to make there be a point again.

  • I think it's grand that hikfagboy I mean hikaru calls us dirty when he got rolled out in a fair battle between us and his Malaysian friends call them xMYx or not it doesn't matter... He got his ass pounded by our diamond hard cocks (thanks for that comment @dariusayyy ) and resorted to making bots because his crew got wrecked. Yea we're dirty though.. lol

  • Also it's a solid idea wobba but I doubt everyone will participate.. plus we have to account for the old players that happen to sign up and can't be bothered.. when I started playing again earlier this year I didn't even glance at the PFs or participate until the round was nearly over

  • Tj if the sector leader send a message out to sector mates they could have little to no excuse at all .

    Every active player has a of account

  • If not its not hard to get one. At least I do not think so...we could also make it even easier and have each SL copy a paste from the sector forums if there are those that are being stingy...and as in any good organization...if the SL helps someone get away with something in that case...we punish both.

  • @GenReaver you hit the nail on the head, the clean slate part of this plan would promote skills-playing again, not who knows who, who did what, so on and so forth. Every round your enemies would change and so would your allies.

    @RiCo @xHikaruu This type of past vendettas is exactly the type playstyle that led to SK's ruin in the first place, also it can't be healthy to carry these superficial burdens of resentment around, let it go and let's all have fun again, if you're struggling to let it go just avoid each other in the beginning. You'll find when you put someone else in a Pit, it's actually yourself that's trapped.

    @TJx2ndCx write a smut novel and get all of it out there, your very sexual approach to insulting others not only raises eyebrows, but also perpetuates the childish bickering (even if the occasional insult does get a chuckle, most are just lazy and you know it) Also Viva is right, it would be very easy for the SLs to send a message to draw awareness to the Registration PF thread to those playing. Any that joined after the New Days Round starts could easily be made aware in a SF or AF, that's right we COULD have alliances again.

    And @dariusayyy saying faggot really? come on, there's loads of other insults that don't disparage a whole community that are still trying to gain a proper foothold in this world. it's just classless

    All in all, this plan would force us to play against each other in a way that truly challenges your skills: patience, cooperation, forgiveness. Currently it means NOTHING to be in first place or last place. There are no Top KDs just those that remain. Opposing this plan also indicates a form of admission that you can't play this game without the prospect of cheating.

  • @dariusayyy even though I knew that was coming, I stand by what I said. And honestly you didn't rattle it out about 5-6 times like I expected so apparently I am reaching you, slowly. Sigh, it's moments like these for why I became an educator wipes tear

  • @Wobbajobblar that is probably why we were both agreeing on things. I am also an educator.

  • @xHikaruu fuck off wanker. We didn't have to cheat to roll you and your pos friends out

  • You got rolled. Nothing dirty about it. Then you went angry german kid with full autistic rage. Don't try to.justify you being
    A piece of garbage

  • edited December 2017

    I couldn’t give less of a shit if someone is gay Wobba. However, there is no longer a struggle or whatever bullshit they were spouting, they have everything they want including a heavy media presence and legal rights. Now the remaining push is to retain their victim status and become a protected class because victimhood is the only path to success in faggy liberal ideology.

    The word faggot has evolved past disparaging gay people a long time ago. It’s usage is more a general insult, or more correctly to refer to a weak, estrogen heavy male who is incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions or happily willing to enable others to do so as a way to signal their superior virtues to others.

    I don’t know you and honestly dgaf who you are. I don’t have a problem with your plan but it’ll never happen, people are too immature and the game has been dead for a long time.

    People like civic are faggots who take away from others because they are too weak to add anything of their own. You’re a faggot because you think you’re so fucking special for parroting condescending empathetic bullshit like every other 130 lb ‘male’ that doesn’t understand why women beg to choke on my cock when they’re the ones who are so ‘nice’ and ‘sensitive’.

    Btw, not only am I an engineer, I’ve personally fucked enough education majors to have earned a degree in it from helping them with their coursework. I know firsthand how much of a joke it actually is.

    There are plenty of actual men out there that love taking cocks up their ass that are less of a faggot than you for typing up that whiny bullshit.

  • Topic closed.

  • @dariusayyy yikes, I can't even begin to fathom that level of insecurity. No sense in pointing out the flaws in your post because they're glaring enough even you saw them as you typed it out. I will say you may want to hang out in the echo chamber at, there you may find others that share the same unique social view.

    Moving forward, there's no reason the maturity level can't be reached to make this plan work, at the end of the day it comes down to the choices we make. It's quite literally just as easy to bring maturity to the table as it is immaturity, we should ask ourselves what we want out of this game and what we wish to see stop in this game. Nothing is impossible to him who will try.

  • @Wobbajobblar my very sexual comments...? I honestly was going to take your thread seriously but after reading the novel of shit you've posted to follow up your original post you're making it hard.. back to the sexual comment statement you brought up.. I made one and it was a play on what Darius had said earlier get over yourself and try to keep the posts shorter. Some of us actually have shit to do and would prefer smaller novels.

  • Also Darius wins the thread.. the fucked enough education majors comment had me crying lolololol

  • Again it's a solid plan but doubt it will ever come to fruition... I'd be willing to give it a shot.. but part of your plan involves relying on bot owners to stick to the guidelines.. I wouldn't be worried about Rob because he's not a bad guy.. hikaru on the other hand I can't say.. I mean he got rolled out fairly one round after bashing numerous kds that started late and look how he handled it?

  • Who's to say hikaru isn't going to throw a bitch fit again once his main gets wrecked?

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