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Dearest Civic, xHikaruu

Why don't you go and have an auto erotic asphyxiation accident? No one wants you or your bots. You are not a righteous crusader or a force for good helping the community. You are a selfish little douche doing it to feel powerful while you ruin things for everyone else. And the game didn't have that much farther to fall BEFORE all your bots. The same goes for everyone else who is running a bunch of multies and bots. Just go away. Go circle jerk and choke on each other or something.

That is all,


  • No need to get salty over SK lol

    dudes a fag no surprise there, just take comfort that hes prolly some poor malaysian guy and lifes fucked him over enough already just for that so maybe he deserves to take his rage out on a text based internet game from 1998

  • Its not so much about being salty as being totally incredulous about what he is doing. Kinda like how Hitler was to his own mind at least totally justified. Why would you stick come around if everyone hates you? sadomasochism? Abused by an uncle and his poker buddies as a kid? Is his uncle also his dad or something?

  • not sure hitler is a good example here

    like I said, hes just taking out his personal rage on this game because he can, the best way to get back at him is to remind him of what a poor, low class, inferior piece of shit nonlifting faggot he is and disregard whatever made up persona he has here

    its exactly like when trump calls isis a bunch of losers instead of "evil terrorist masterminds", because thats all they are man. A bunch of poor virgin losers larping together in a cave about how badass they are

  • Lol love how he's been carbon all along... Fucking little dicked bitch

  • I rolled him twice so at the end of the round when its just him and his bots left he can see that he had 2 loses and my name will be forever attached to that.

  • Playing galaxy ablaze now. Better than sk and has no civic

  • @EightySix yeah i rolled him before i died as well. I think you will find he has about 6 losses

  • You can't probe GrimTidings (1:13) because they are dead.

    Thanks and noted. See you next round @GrimTidings.

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