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Narcotic Gaming is looking for Broodwar-Players

edited November 2017 in General
Hi we are Narcitic Gaming, and we are still searching for Broodwar Players.

We are forming a english speaking Broodwar-Team additional to our SC2 Squad. Currently we are only 3 BW-Players, playing custom Games, practice and chatting via Discord. We are active on the EU-Server and play mostly in the evenings after work.

We enjoy a nice familiar atmosphere so far in the clan and that is what we want to keep. Everyone is welcome if he/she is well-mannered and is willing to use Discord.

Small requirements:

-be nice
-be active
-use Discord
-every skill level is ok
-no harrasment based on skill

Due to the fact that we organize everything with Discord, it is a must have if u want to be a part of Narcotic. So feel free to contact me in Discord
Tag: Vincent#5133
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