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attack calc is back


  • its as accurate as the current you guys are using but you dont need to press calculate button, everytime you do something on the calc, it will update. I have personally never failed an attack with my calculator unless its been my own mistake.
  • Yeah, not sure if I trust links like this... It's probably ok. But webhostapp?
  • its just free hosting,, why would i spend money to host it?

    soon you can access it from address - >

    its only javascript and html. If you are scared, open it in sandbox and lookup the code.
  • Yeah I know hostinger, i use that myself. Used to be good before they changed...

    It's the app part at the end I don't trust.
  • its just a domain... ill post zip file here of the calc tomororrow or upload it to github.
  • just make sure it's kosher and not that commie app crap
  • its awesome Lovsie... Cheers mate

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