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Building %

edited July 2017 in General
What percentage do you make? barracks, sms, pfs, etc etc. I feel like I don't have a strong understanding of the ratio.

also. list your land type when you used those %


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    I usually go for 20-25% Resi and 5-20% SMs with FW.

    But... Those %s depends on your play style..

    If you are like me, (a fan of low nw units Goons/LDs), then you will need more Resi than SMs... But if you're the other 95% of SK players then you'll go tanks/TFs so won't need as many Resi, and would allocate that land to TCs and ASBs.
  • no right or wrong answers here. just would like some universal input
  • It depends on the strategy that you're going with, the PT you're playing, and in some instances, the round bonus. This round, for example, with the huge negative power, I decided to go heavy on the SM's vs. heavy res. When I play DW, I almost always go heavy pop because of the cheap goons. For Terra, I usually go heavier res but with this round bonus, I went heavy SM's and much lower pop. Barracks are always a pain in the ass. I find myself having to be almost close to 30% barracks usually if I want to keep my pop/military under control. Of course max TC's (but I don't use TC's on DW).
  • ^To add to that, you also have to look at ranking. A top player who can defend against anyone need only keep enough troops to continue to grab and defend from anyone. Therefore he can dedicate less land to barracks, where as smaller players usually have 30-40% of their land into racks just to be able to defend or at the very least be an undesirable hit.
  • anyone got more on this?
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