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Who grew up in a big family?

edited June 2017 in General
So we have 3 kids already. 3yo and 2 twin 1yo girls. My women took on someone else's kids because cps was going to. so we are adding a 7yo , 5 yo and a 3.5 yo girls....

any tips? suggestions? we are in a 1100sqft house with 1 bathroom. it may be temporary but I'm planning long term just incase. ..


  • 7 females? get a second bathroom.
  • Get a second wife. ;)
  • 7 females? get a second bathroom.
    get used to peeing outside.
  • I already pee outside lol. I'm looking into building another bathroom already
  • courier parcel service.
  • cps?
    child protection service.
  • courier parcel service.
    can we pay with the food benefit programs? lol
  • I was the youngest of 5. And all I know is that hand-me-downs are the best...and there is no such thing as every kid gets something...share you stinking brats.
  • 7 females? get a second bathroom.
  • change your name,phone number and city, even better, change country. problem solved
  • fyi. your post count is 666. retire that account and start another
  • nvm. they put them with another family. oh well
  • That's still 5 people in one bathroom...get a second bathroom.
  • That's still 5 people in one bathroom...get a second bathroom.
  • My husband and I want to have 6.

    Once Upon a Child is a great used store you can get used clothes/toys from. Once I found it I could never justify spending more than $2 on clothes. If you don't have one with that exact name you should have something similar in your area. Also look out for swap sales. Once or twice a year a huge community in your area will get together to sell their used kids items. One big one is called Just Between Friends (JBF). You can get early access for being a teacher/military.

    Also, I have 9 month old twin girls. Twin club ftw! If your gal wants to talk with another twin mom send me a Message and I'll give you my FB/Email/whatever method she likes to use.
  • yeah message me and I'll add ya and she can add ya. twins are interesting. so young and have such different personalities
  • 7 females? get a second bathroom.
    Hahaha Winner!!!
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