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Kingdom Deleted Without Warning (S2)

edited August 2015 in Bugs and Exploits
I know nobody gives a crap about S2, but I created a kingdom after about a year hiatus, and just got out of newbie mode yesterday. I logged in this morning with no problem. I later tried logging in again and it said I did not have a kingdom. Tried again later, same thing. I just created a new kingdom, checked the sector I was previously in, and my kingdom is gone.

What gives?


  • See your E-Mail it should tell you what way your KD died , seing the multis there I guess you ended with zero Land.
  • probably grabbed to 0
  • Yeah, grabbed to 0 land. I never check that email and it never occurred to me that I could've been killed that quickly. I thought it used to tell you your kd is dead when you log in?

    What a waste. Thanks guys, sorry for the useless thread.
  • Great thread Psy.

    :: Gives Psy some cookies.::
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