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Elastic Heart

edited January 2015 in General
So I've seen this video has been drug through the cesspools of the internet these past few days and I'm baffled by the appalling claims lashing against it.

I hadn't even heard of this song until this morning when a friend sent it to me. In less than six minutes I saw something beautiful and I broke down.

This really isn't a story of two in love, but instead it's a story of one. The child represents our inner desires and the adult weighs the outcome. Both may long for the very same thing and it is clear they will fight to find a way to make it work. The unfortunate reality is that we have to force ourselves into finding a way to cope. Even if that means letting that love go.

This truly is an amazing representation of how strong of a hold love really has. That no matter the spark there are unfortunate ugly situations that bring us all to collapse from the burden.


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